Partying in Miami is part of the area’s culture. Partying in Miami for your birthday means that you really have to pull out all the stops. Here we discuss the best ways to prepare for your perfect outdoor birthday party, Miami style!

Start with the Basics 

To make your Miami outdoor birthday party the best it can be, we recommend compiling a list of all the things that make partying in Miami so spectacular, to begin with. We can think of happy hours, brunches and mimosas, and football game day at sports bars off the top of our heads. With these ideas in mind, the question that remains is how to blend all of these classic Miami party packages into one Miami-themed outdoor birthday party? Here’s some food for thought. 

How about outdoor bar hopping?

If you’re looking for something truly unique, hop onboard to Miami’s famous Brew Bus and enjoy outdoor breweries around the city. You’ll enjoy an air-conditioned, party-ready bus ride to and from your outdoor brewery and sports bar locations. If you plan things carefully, you can even arrange for outdoor tours at tasting locations that showcase some of Miami’s best views. 

Backyard Bash: Miami water slide rentals 

What better way to celebrate your birthday outdoors than with a backyard birthday bash? Set up catering for food and drinks, get some dance music going on your speakers, and don’t forget to include Miami water slide rentals to make it a splash! 

Go Bananas at Brunch

Miami has tons of outdoor brunch restaurants to host your next outdoor birthday. Drink mimosas till you drop and savor the flavors of eggs benedict and other fancy birthday breakfast favorites. You might even find yourself dancing on tabletops from all the fun. Go wild. It’s your birthday! 

Outdoor Tiki Time

If you want to impress your birthday guests with dinner and a show, head to Kai-Kai, a Miami-based tiki bar that offers various outdoor entertainment with Polynesian dances and South Pacific food. You can even tell the performers it’s your birthday ahead of time and get a special shout out from them when you head over to celebrate. 

Cycle Party Bus 

If bar-hopping sounds close to what you’re looking for but not quite right, take advantage of a cycle party bus and pub crawl in-between group pedaling. You’ll enjoy music and drinks all night long. You might even get a few honks and waves from drivers passing by. Make lasting birthday memories by incorporating a cycle party bus into your Miami outdoor birthday party. 

Miami and Your Birthday: Do You! 

Throwing the perfect outdoor birthday party in Miami means combining traditional, Miami-style fun with your best birthday wishes. Above all else, do what makes you happy. It’s your day, after all! We just know this list of indoor-outdoor activities will knock the socks off your birthday party guests, so find the right combination that makes you smile on your big day.