It would be remiss not to try the food in Mexico. You’ve probably heard of many of these dishes before because of how popular they are. But some of these must try foods in Mexico City are not as popular worldwide, but you’ll find them on every alley.

Hacienda Tres Rios


Chilaquiles make for a delicious breakfast or brunch, perfect for those who already obsess over nachos. They are mildly fried tortillas dipped in sauces (green or red salsa, depending on your preference). 

The red sauce is for those who have a better spice tolerance, so be careful. Toppings such as chicken, eggs, or cheese are added, and this traditional dish is usually served with beans on the side. 


Mexican food is famous for its customizable garnishing. Tostadas, which means toasted, are tortillas that are deep-fried till they are crispy. You can choose from meat, seafood, cheese, beans, and many other toppings to match your taste. 

Don’t hesitate to ask the vendor for a towering tostada with all the best garnishing to fill up your stomach. 


This dish has been a part of Mexican history for many years. Enchiladas contain the famous tortillas (either corn or flour) stuffed with meat, fish, vegetable, or cheese. 

You could add all the fillings if you were feeling experimental. This popular breakfast is then drizzled with chili sauce for a dash of Mexican spice. They are baked until they get a golden color and look incredibly delicious when done. 


When in Mexico, you can’t miss out on the unique flavor and aroma of tamales. This dish originated during the Aztec times is particularly popular in the Oaxaca region. It offers a burst of sweet and savory flavors in its typical corn masa dough covered with banana leaves or corn husks. 

The dough mixture is filled with cheese, beans, or meats. If you are still skeptical about trying Mexican food on your trip, you can start with this dish to prepare your taste buds for more spicy treats. 


Avocados! You’ve seen them everywhere – in salads and sauces. Mexico’s Guacamole is undoubtedly on everyone’s to-try list. A beautiful blend of avocados, tomatoes, chilis, onions, and squeezed lemon is a popular side for tortilla chips. 

Although this sauce was introduced to the world very late, it dates back to the Aztec period. The rest of the world missed out on this green magic all these years. If you long for this sauce after you leave Mexico, you can always try making Guacamole at home.


What’s food without some drinks to enjoy in between? Mezcal is a smoky liquor that is derived from the Mexican plant maguey. This distilled drink is made through a very interesting process. 

Lava rocks and wood surround mezcal in an earthen pit where it is cooked, after which it is moved to clay pots. This is what gives it that hint of smokiness.


For those with the sweet tooth or those who want some relief from the spice, Camotes is here to rescue you. This dessert offers sweet potatoes with a generous topping of condensed milk and jam.  

Camotes are usually slow-cooked in a charcoal oven with strawberry jam or other toppings. The best way to enjoy this dessert is to buy from a local cart selling smoking hot camotes. 

There is never an all-inclusive list of must-try foods in Mexico City because Mexicans are food experts, and the number of popular dishes is unending. If you’re going to scenic Mexico, go with an empty stomach so you can leave with a full heart because the food will make you happy.