If you would love to have the kind of home that you see on the cover of magazines or amazing Instagram posts, but you can never quite manage to tame the clutter enough to make that particular dream a reality, here are some great home clutter hacks that could help you tame the mess once and for all.

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Invest in more storage

The simplest way, apart from decluttering, which is the obvious solution but which we are not going to discuss here, to tame your clutter is to ensure that you have enough storage to deal with it. From sideboards and storage cabinets to ottomans bookshelves and vacuum storage bags, there are so many ways you can contain your clutter that will look amazing and keep your home clean, clear, and as spacious as you would like; use them.

Have a designated junk spot

Having one spot in your home where it is acceptable to dump your junk, whether that be the recess under the stairs or the chair in the corner of your bedroom, can be helpful to minimize the problem if you and your family just can’t seem to get your organization on. Throw your jacket, your receipts, your bag, and whatever there, but only there, and ensure everyone else does the same, and at least the rest of your home will look amazing.

Get a donation box

By a large plastic box and storage bin and place it somewhere that the whole family passes by each day. Create a sign that says donations and pin it to the box. Let everyone in the family know that this box is for them to place donations for a good cause. Pretty much everyone likes to think they are being helpful and doing a good thing, so it will encourage them to get rid of some of their excess stuff, and slowly but surely your clutter problem will start to take care of itself.

Buy a shredder

When you have a shredder, those papers are less likely to build up until they’re spilling off every desk and out of every drawer. Read and process any mail as soon as it comes in and paper clutter will soon be a thing of the past, in your home at least.

Use baskets

Baskets are a great storage solution for pretty much any part of the home because they look good and you can simply throw your clutter in them to get it out of the way. But, they’re particularly useful in the closet. Instead of having your clothing lying around all over the place, you can fold your shirts, pants, and accessories and neatly stack them in the baskets., It won’t take much longer to do that than it does to throw them in, but it will make a huge amount of difference to how messy your home is.

Few homes are completely clutter-free, and they don’t really need to be, but if you incorporate these hacks into your home, you’ll be amazed at the transformation.