Maybe you have had the same look for years now – it is time to finally change it up. Whether it is to keep up with the ever-evolving trends or just to make yourself feel more confident in your appearance, going to a professional and changing your ‘do’ can make you feel stylish, beautiful, and happy with the way you look.

How to find a hair stylist near me

There are some online services you can use to find and book a hair stylist near you. Instead of searching for hours on Google and reading thousands of reviews, using a few key sites can narrow down the search much quicker than endless browsing and scrolling. If you are a hairstylist looking to reach out to customers, consider using mobile beauty software.


Booksy is a website that lets you search what you are looking for, what area you are located in, and when you need the appointment. The hair salon categories include barbershop, nail salon, beauty salon, eyebrows and lashes, massage, makeup artist, day spa, and hair stylists near you.

The popular cities to choose from on Booksy include Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and many more. Once you select a city, Booksy shows you the top-rated hair salons nearby, showing a rating out of 5 stars and how many users have voted for that location. When searching for ‘hair stylist near me,’ Booksy can help you ‘book’ in just minutes!


StyleSeat is a trustworthy website for everything beauty. This platform is designed to help individuals find professionals who specialize in certain looks, whether it be a haircut, barber, braids, weaves, natural hair, nails, eyelashes, color, or eyebrows.

Using StyleSeat, you can discover the latest beauty trends, browse profiles of the top professionals in your area, request a special time slot that fits your busy schedule, and make cashless payments through the app. When looking for a ‘hair stylist near me,’ StyleSeat has done all of the research for you. 


ThumbTack shows you hair stylists near you, based on your zip code, and shows availability for your selected date. The site will show the top 10 hair stylists near you, showing the star rating and the number of reviews from users. There are certain icons like ‘in high demand,’ ‘discounts available’, and ‘great value’ to help you decide on who to choose when browsing ‘hair stylist near me’ for your next style change.


Many clients have found a new hair stylist via Instagram. Here’s how:

  • Search for hashtags that consist of your buzzwords in your local area, such as #balayage #seattle #haircutseattle #salonseattle
  • Check the tabs and look at the most recent posts that match your specific search
  • Focus on people with your type of hair, hair color, and desired look
  • Search for hashtags that describe the person you want – for example, searching for a colorist will require a different keyboard than browsing for a manicurist
  • Look through the pages of a few stylists you find – which one is the best ‘hair stylist for me?’


There are many ways you can choose a hair stylist that fits the bill for your new look. Browsing online on sites like ThumbTack, StyleSeat, or Booksy is an easy way to find professionals and choose your perfect match for a new ‘hair stylist near me.’