We use Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder to find similar and duplicate pictures from all over the internet. Various image finder tools are supported by Windows, Mac, iPhone and androids. Such online tools allow you to initiate the search process using a relevant keyword or generate a search by image. You can use these tools in many different scenarios, such as:

  1. To find similar images just by uploading a picture.
  2. They help you with image identification.
  3. You can have a piece of detailed information about different objects that are present in any image.
  4. Such tools help you to find the source of any image.
  5. They provide you with any specific photo in different sizes and high–resolution.

Reverse image search Tools alternatives

Some of the best available options are:


You can use this reverse image search tool on iPhone or Android. To carry out the photo search process, you have to upload an image from your device or paste the URL of an image in the available space. This image search tool is fast and provides accurate results without costing you anything.

When you search by image for a picture and its other parameters via Duplichecker, you will get results containing:

  • A list of Similar images
  • A list of websites on which your image or images with similar content is present.  
  • It provides Different sizes and dimensions of any particular image.
  • Detect duplicate images by providing their actual source.

This photo search tool brings ease to find a picture with search by a relevant keyword. It will give you relevant information about any particular photograph to uncover the plagiarized photos as an output. 

When you enter the photo in this tool for search purposes or to uncover duplicate images, no one can retrieve your information. 


In this huge digital world, it is a perfect option to find details about different objects present in your image collection. This tool allows you to search by images online without any cost and is always there for immediate assistance. It is well recognized as one of the very first image search engines. The tool allows its users to search any image via image only. 

Bing Image Search

Every content creator has a huge collection of images. In this technology race, access to the camera is not difficult as everyone has mobile phones with sophisticated cameras. Furthermore, via social media, we come across many images as well. Some of them make us curious, and we want to search for them immediately. How will we do it? This online AI-based tool is all there to serve this purpose efficiently. You can Take its assistance to know the detailed history and all the relevant information about the objects. It works well to detect fake images and news. 

This tool allows you to search by image. Consequently, you can uncover plagiarized photos and spot accounts that spread fake news or using your images without credits.

Google Images

Google images! Everyone is familiar with its name. It is famous for delivering fast and most accurate results for your every query. Whenever you want to find similar images in different dimensions or images with the same HD resolution content, then google reverse image search is one of the best available options.

It works best for your laptops, smartphones and the iPhone. For using this tool, all you need is a good internet connection. You can copy the image, paste it and click on “search google for this image” to initiate the process of image search. Within a few seconds, it provides you with numerous related images on your screen with their sources. 


It is not possible to remember the source of images you have. However, Finding visually similar content is not a difficult task now. Take support from SmallSEOTools to experience the wonders of technology and search by images with ease. Upload any of your photographs, and this AI-based tool will give the best-matched images along with the necessary information from the databases of Google, Bing, and Yandex. Upload your image and click on “search similar images” for results. This tool helps you in the following aspects:

  • It helps you to detect fake accounts which are using your images.
  • This tool lets you know about the places and people present in any particular image.
  • It supports you to Create backlinks and avoid plagiarism to increase the credibility of your content.


This picture finder tool is one of the best options for content-based image retrieval techniques online. It allows you to upload a picture from dropbox or your device. There are two other options as well to perform reverse image search:

  • “Search Image by URL” 
  • “Search Image by Keyword” 

After uploading a picture, click the search button and allow the tool to scan the internet. A few moments later, you will have a huge collection of images with similar HD resolution content.