The aesthetic industry is witnessing a dramatic increase in demand. About 18.1 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in 2019. Many nursing practitioners are now gravitating towards this thriving industry. They are embracing the aesthetic nurse certification.

Many clinics need well-trained aesthetic nurses registered to perform these procedures. Several nursing practitioners are seeking to add this certification to their portfolio for the following reasons:

Diversity of Qualifications

By training for aesthetic procedures, nursing practitioners can expand and diversify their skill sets. This, in turn, expands their practice scope. Moreover, there is a wide range of aesthetic procedures that they can choose from to hone their expertise.  

A certification equips them with the necessary training to perform various aesthetic procedures, including Botox injections, microdermabrasion, dermal fillers, and laser treatment. 

With such diversified qualifications, aesthetic nurses can find work in many areas. Some of them include:

  • Medical spas
  • Dermatologists’ offices 
  • Physicians’ clinics
  • Fitness facilities
  • Laser clinics

High Pay

With proper training of aesthetic procedures, nurses stand a higher chance to receive better pay. The income with aesthetic practice is usually much more than with the public health sector. 

Many nurses tend to perform cosmetic procedures as part-time jobs. It acts as a significant source of substantial supplementary income. The financial benefits that come with aesthetic practice are highly appealing. 

With the industry growing significantly, the job market continues to rise. This opens many opportunities for aesthetic nurses. Through adequate training and registration, nurses can earn true profitability. It allows them to gain better financial independence. 

Improved Quality of Life

The aesthetic field does not demand long working hours from nursing practitioners. It allows the nurses to have better control of their work-life balance. This career is highly flexible. 

Nurses can choose when and how often they would like to work. The earnings for fewer working hours are also quite high. Moreover, many aesthetic nurses find their working environment and conditions to be favorable.

Better autonomy for decision-making is another advantage. Many nurses find this to lessen their pressure daily. Additionally, the overall job satisfaction is high. It makes many nursing practitioners opt for this practice. 

Develop More Clinical Skills

Nurses possess efficient clinical skills, and an Aesthetic nurse certification helps enhance these skills further. Most nurse practitioners are already trained to perform minor procedures. Additionally, they have experience in the skilled administration of injections.

Such skills are relevant in cosmetic injectables and other procedures. It allows them to grasp aesthetic techniques and skills better and quicker. Moreover, it adds to their extensive resume of various clinical skills.  

By developing more clinical skills, nurses stand a chance to advance their careers significantly. It branches out their job opportunities. The training for aesthetic procedures also equips them with the knowledge of post-procedure safety measures and regulations.  

Appeals to Their Interests 

Many nursing practitioners find the aesthetic procedures and techniques interesting. Medical aesthetics is a field that is brimming with new technologies and advancing treatments. There is no scope for monotony in this field.

These factors may be appealing to several nurses. It draws them to this practice. An aesthetic eye and attention to detail are desirable traits of an aesthetic nurse. 

An interest in learning about the various methods to perform aesthetic procedures can be another factor. Some nurses may perceive these as strong indicators to opt for this career path. 

With the tremendous growth of the aesthetic industry, the demand for professionals is also increasing. Aesthetic nursing is turning into a much sought-after career option, and many nursing practitioners are opting to receive aesthetic training and certification for better benefits. It also advances their career scope and offers better opportunities to grow.