Going from secondary school to private sixth form college is a big jump – although it might not seem like it at first. You are treated more like an adult and hold more responsibility on your shoulders. You also have to start making important decisions on what steps to take after you graduate. With many new things to consider; change in environment, change in friends, new subjects and exams, it can become stressful! It will also take some time to adjust back to normal life after studying online for so long! That’s why we have detailed some of our top tips below to help you stay motivated during sixth form! 

#1 Get yourself organised

You know what you need to get through the school day – notebooks, pens, text books (and more importantly, snacks!) So make sure you always have what you need on you, perhaps keep a few spares in your locker! Also think about how you can organise your notes and fit in some revision each week, in preparation for your exams, rather than rushing and cramming in at the last minute. This way you will never have to add any unnecessary stress or anxiety. 

#2 Know what you’re getting into 

In a private sixth form college, you usually get to choose your subjects. Make sure you research them beforehand to ensure you will enjoy them or they align with your future plans. Remember, there is always the option within the first few weeks to change if needed!

#3 Be open to new connections

You may be moving into sixth form with your friends, or transferring to a new college alone. Either way, keep an open mind and get to know your new peers. You never know who you will be sitting next to in class or how you can help each other in the years you are there. Making new friends can be a great way to have more fun in your sixth form years! 

#4 Set realistic expectations of yourself 

Don’t be too hard on yourself, you can only do your best. Make sure you put in the effort to achieve what you want to achieve. Maybe even set up a meeting with the school counsellor to come up with a plan of action – this way you can ensure you are doing everything you can to get to where you want to be. You will have a plan to follow and know the exact steps you need to take. This can save a lot of time researching and procrastinating! 

#5 Have fun!

Work hard, but remember to have some fun too. Rest and joy is really important, and will definitely make sixth form feel like less of a chore. Prioritise your homework and revision, get done what needs to be done, then go outside and enjoy the outside, company of your friends or even go to a few parties. You only get to go to sixth form once!