The phrase ‘less is more’ has become increasingly common over the past few years. Many people now prefer to live with fewer possessions — trying to minimise the hassle in their lives. As lifestyles become immensely fast-paced, along with the adoption of an on-the-go approach to living, people are realising the need to declutter and maximise convenience in daily routines. 

On the other hand, there are many supporters of simplified lifestyles in order to become more eco-friendly to save the only Earth we know. The more items we own, the more waste we are likely to produce. Additionally, many of the machines and household items — without which it is possible to lead a decent life — are known for releasing toxins. 

A significant number of individuals also believe in owning fewer possessions as it can reduce the mental stress in our lives. They now hire junk removal services to get rid of additional belongings. Having a wide range of possessions comes with the added responsibility of maintenance, upgrading, cleaning, storage, etc. However, many of us do not have that amount of time, and at instances finances, to manage such responsibilities. In these situations, the things we bought for comfort become burdens. 

In the following article, we will discuss a few tips to simplify your life:

Fewer Clothes

Have you ever opened your wardrobe and faced a disorganised pile of clothing? In many homes, this has become a common sight. At times, the situation is worse enough that people do not even know what lies at the depth of their own wardrobes. It is a sign that you own clothes beyond your need. You will discover that there are clothing items that you have not worn more than twice and now they are lost among the new ones continuously added to the wardrobe. 

Owning clothes you are not even going to wear frequently is misspending money and the production of unnecessary waste. Working individual or not, it is possible to have a decent personality with a limited amount of clothes. You can change your buying approach so you can mix and match to create different outfits from the same set of clothes. Meanwhile, declutter your wardrobe by giving away items in good condition that you no longer use to goodwill.

Multipurpose Furniture

Instead of overwhelming your living space with large furniture pieces that you are not even going to use, it is better to buy multipurpose furniture. These items are convertible from one type of furniture into another. For example, a sofa cum bed. Similarly, many furniture pieces come with storage options now. The industry has become advanced enough that you do not have to comprise aesthetic or comfort to own less and smaller furniture. 

Smaller Vehicle

A big car may look attractive but once owned, many want to switch to a smaller one. A large vehicle comes with the heavy cost of maintenance, insurance, and fuel. Not to mention, it may take up more space in your garage. If you do not need a large vehicle, switch to a smaller one to save space and cost. Those living on their own can also use bicycles, which are quite eco-friendly. 

Hoarded Belongings

Letting go is indeed a difficult process. However, you cannot hold on to sentimental belongings for all your life. There are items you can easily store or carry around, but others just become a burden with time. You should practice letting go and hoard the memories instead. You can either donate these items or sell them if you want to. It all depends on your choice. If the additional items are not usable, you can hire the services of a junk removal company to get rid of them.

Clearing your Mind

Physically decluttering the space around you is one thing; you also need to clear your mind. You cannot experience a peaceful lifestyle if your head is as overwhelmed as your physical surroundings. If we do not clear our minds, the constant influx of stress can lead to negativity and demotivation. Make a habit of giving yourself a break and indulging in self-care. Try therapeutic activities to eliminate negative thoughts and promote calmness of the mind. 

Once you start simplifying your lifestyle, you will definitely experience the lightness so many of us are seeking. Always remember that a minimalistic lifestyle does not mean to inconvenience yourself. Additionally, it is not just about doing more with less; it is also about changing the way you think about lifestyle in general. A lot of people are doing it, so you can do it as well.