This constantly oscillating situation is making it extremely difficult for all of us to figure out what we need to do to stay healthy and keep everyone around us as safe as possible. We take our immune support supplements, we try to maintain the prescribed distance, and we have eliminated all possible forms of contact that spread the virus – but at what price to our physical and mental wellbeing?

Can we honestly say that we aren’t suffering from the mentally confusing information in the media and the forced deprivation of social and family contact? What about losing the ability to maintain training and physical exercise activities? And the impact on all ages when we lose personal and physical contact with our social groups? Perhaps the repercussions will become clearer when the pandemic dwindles. But right now, many of us are clear that the so-called cure is far worse than the disease. Human beings are not meant to be isolated. In fact, isolation is a handy form of torture. 

Meanwhile, we have to rise to the occasion and do what we can to get through this in one piece. So let’s consider some ideas that can help maintain balance and structure.  

Don’t get trapped in a sedentary life

Hand in hand with your menu (to which we’ll get shortly), your activity levels will define your ability to stay resilient and preserve your mental and physical health. The fact that you’re spending most of your time at home is no excuse to stay rolled up in a blanket for 24 hours. Consider this an opportunity to rethink your home workouts and to introduce new and exciting routines that will let you stay fit and strong.

Whether you introduce a HIIT session in your weekly routine or you start taking longer walks in nature, it’s up to you. The key is to maximize your activity levels and avoid falling prey to the convenience and appeal of sedentary living during the pandemic.

Nourish your body and your mind

It all begins with how you feed your body and your soul. Your diet is the foundation of your overall wellbeing, which is why you need to go back to the drawing board and refine your menu to boost your immune system.

  • Choose nutrient-dense foods for their vitamin, mineral, and macronutrient content. 
  • Consume a variety of whole foods for those core nutrients that are foundational to your health. 
  • Don’t forget that you can nourish your mind as well. Taking citrulline or similar caffeine-free supplements can boost focus, raise energy levels, and improve cognition.
  • Seek help from a holistic practitioner in order to establish balance in your diet, avoid deficiencies, and keep your family’s health plan on track. 

Build up your social bonds digitally

We often talk about different ways to get a digital detox, in order to focus on people and real-life experiences. Alas, now that so much of our life has been reduced to various digital outlets (such as digital classrooms, online correspondences, working remotely, etc.), you should at least make the most of such a situation.

Like we once nurtured pen pals, you can start exchanging video and voice messages with your friends. Send each other photos of things that make you happy every day and build a digital library of happiness to remind each other of all the beautiful things in life despite the difficult circumstances we’re in.

Overcoming Loneliness

Pay attention to your mental state should depression set in. Preventatively, keep connected to a health practitioner who can help you talk it out and find solutions. This is not a healthy situation for any of us. But while we are stuck with it, we can’t just give up. There is great abundance around us in spite of panic-induced shortages. Think on all that we have to be thankful for, including the strength to find the silver lining. And keep moving forward.

Reconnect with Mother Nature

At a time like this, people tend to realize the beauty in those little pleasures, the small things in life we often neglect. For example, now that we are told to stay at home, we crave social interactions and outings more than ever. Getting outside can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

  • Gardening with your kids is both a restorative and a productive activity that will build your family relationships and at the same time allow you more time in the soothing presence of greenery and fresh air.
  • When the weather allows it, you can prepare a lovely picnic with your family, even if it’s only in your own backyard in case the parks are closed. Enjoying your favorite sandwiches, fruits, and veggies, can only boost your mood and inspire you to appreciate Mother Nature more than ever.
  • Bike rides with the whole family.
  • Outdoor games in the yard.

There is no one-size-fits-all for the pandemic and our different circumstances, but some nutrition, exercise, keeping up the fight, and maintaining bonds of friendship, allow us to become more resilient in mind and in body. By focusing on your emotional stability, introducing more physical activity into your days, and by carefully adapting your lifestyle through these trying times, you stand a fair chance at protecting your wellbeing. In the process, you’ll be a role model to those around you and perhaps inspire them to take similar actions, too.