When buying presents for festive holidays, birthdays, or simply just because, you might want to consider items that have more of a personal touch. This can be especially rewarding when giving to your partner, or more senior members of your family. Rather than spending money on something that is currently in fashion and, more than likely, will turn out to be a passing fad, you can instead give something that has been created by yourself, and made especially for the recipient.

Photo Canvases

More traditionally, photographs would have been taken and then printed before you could even work out if the resulting picture was any good or not. Sun glare, red eyes, and even poor focus often caused many disposable camera pictures to become unused or discarded. From here, any that did manage to turn out alright may have been put into a frame, an album, or simply stored away never to see the light of day again. Yet you can now order personalised photo canvas prints using your own family photographs. This will allow you to pick and choose which of your photos will suit best, upload them, and then have them printed directly onto a canvas. This can make a very chic present, and look great on the walls of the recipient’s home.


Casting your child’s handprints into clay, or even getting a professional cast of your intertwined hands as a family, can help you create a gift and be able to see how your children grow as the years go by. The prices and locations for this may vary. Some of the simpler handprint casting may be undertaken at home, and then baked in the oven, while more complex pieces can come at a higher charge, and may involve you needing to travel both to complete it and pick up the finished article. You would need to keep your budget, as well as transport options, in mind before deciding on having a professional cast. These can then be framed on the wall, used as ornaments, or even turned into lamps or other decorative pieces.

Handmade Gifts

While store-bought gifts can be nice, there is definitely something special about receiving a gift that was made by the sender. This shows the amount of care and compassion they put into things and, by definition, you too. Creating gifts for people might take more time, but it can help to keep costs low, as well as to give items a more personal touch. This can also be undertaken by all members of the family, such as getting toddlers to paint an item or card. The gift you make can also change depending on the recipient, from toiletries to paintings. 

Considering ways to put your love of the recipient, as well as the love you have for your family, into gifts can help you come up with ways of surprising people. These items may be more cherished than the run of the mill items you might find in the store, and also help you to spend more time with your loved ones.