Breastfeeding is the best thing that can happen to moms and their babies. The benefits are beyond just emotional satisfaction. As per various research reviews, mothers who opt to breastfeed recover from childbirth quite quickly. Further, it enhances the production of oxytocin that helps women to reduce postpartum bleeding as well. 

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But with the rise in the number of working mothers, there is an increase in the need for breast pumps. However, using it is not a walk in the park. The adjustments of being a new mom to using a breast pump perfectly make it quite challenging. So, here we have compiled a list of tips to help master the art of breast pumping right from the start.

To Begin With, Find The Right Breast Pump For Yourself 

You can either browse through different categories available online or consult your doctor for a recommendation. The key is to find the one that suits you in every possible way. Remember, every mom is different, and the same goes for their lifestyle. Working moms might want to have something quiet, while the ones at home might look for something convenient or powerful to get back to doing things quickly. 

Since there is no shortage of brands available in the market, it would be a nice idea to search for online breast pumps and browse through the customer testimonials and other usage guidelines to find the one that’s perfect for you. 

Stay Patient

Breastfeeding is an altogether new experience. Understandably, you won’t be doing well right from the start. Remember, like anything you do, in this case as well. Hence, practice perfecting the art. 

Experts suggest starting with breastfeeding as soon as possible to build up the milk supply. If you have insufficient milk production, you can check out Majka to aid you with breastfeeding. This way, your new one will get all the nutrients he/she needs, and that will further increase the supply. Allow your natural reflexes to encourage breast milk production. Ideally, you must feed on your baby on one side and pump the milk to get the most out of the session. If you start working sooner than anticipated, you can look at the picture of the baby or video while massaging your breasts to get the flow right.

Important Tip- Don’t Ignore The Cleanliness of Your Breast Pump

You must develop a habit of cleaning your breast pump. If not, then besides nutrients, you can also transfer germs or bacteria to your little one. As per the FDA recommendations, you must clean all the essentials, such as bottles, tubes, valves, breast shields that come in contact with the milk with warm water and dish soap. 

Doing so will help you protect your child from any infection. Isn’t that what you always think about, the safety of your child? This method will allow you to do so. 

Wrapping up

Breastfeeding is an amazing experience but can be quite daunting for the new moms initially. So, it is important to select brands that swear on providing products that ensure the safety of you and your baby. And don’t forget that freshly expressed milk does not stay well at room temperature after four hours. But it should also not be refrigerated for more than four days. 

Follow the guidelines, and you’ll surely perfect the art quickly.