If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Earth, then make sure you add exploration of the oceans in your travel plans. 71 percent of the earth is covered in water, which means there is so much to explore under the water. Activities like snorkeling and sea diving are the best way to explore countless treasures the water holds. 

Here are some incredible places where you can find extraordinary marine life and have an unforgettable experience. 

The Yongala, Australia

The gorgeous shipwreck is situated off the coast of Queensland. There is an extensive variety of marine life at the Yongala. You can see sea snakes, turtles, manta rays, tiger sharks, clouds of fish, bull sharks, octopuses, and outstanding coral.

The Yongala sank in 1911 due to a cyclone. The ship did not have any telegraph facilities so there was no way of alerting it of the coming cyclone. 122 souls were lost at sea and one racehorse named Moonshine was killed when the ship went under. It was given official protection under the Historic Shipwreck Act in 1981. 

Great Blue Hole, Belize

The deep, wide hole outlined by the coral reef is a sight like no other in the world. The reef is full of vibrant colors which are visible because of the 30 m visibility of warm bathwater. As you descent further than 30 m, the water becomes cool and starts to shimmer as the divers pass from saltwater to freshwater. 

By diving, you get to explore the majestic marine life. The divers can enjoy the sight of large tuna and other pelagics diving into the hole to clean up. By going deeper the divers get a chance to explore stalagmites and stalactites of ancient caverns. 

USAT Liberty, Bali Indonesia

The spectacular shipwreck is a popular diving spot. It is a hot spot because the wreck is completely encrusted in gorgonians, coral, and anemone. Diving there gives a chance to see hawksbill turtles that practically live on the wreck. 

There are a lot of interesting small things to explore like the Ornate Ghost pipefish and Scorpion Leaf Fish. There are some large fish like Flapnose ray and Great Baracuda to watch. Although the ship is pretty much broken, the divers can go into the cargo hold. 

Richelieu Rock, Thailand

If you want to see sharks in their natural habitat, then Richelieu Rock is the perfect spot for you. It is the horseshoe of pinnacle rocks that manages to break the surface when there is low tide. It is popular for shark sightings and there is a huge school of beautiful pelagic fish like batfish, jacks, and barracuda. 

There are also sightings of mantras. There are spectacular creatures like harlequin shrimp, seahorses, frogfish, and ghost pipefish. It is hard to explore the area in just one dive because of strong currents. To explore the whole area you will need several dives. 

Navy Pier, Western Australia

The 300 m wide, t-shaped structure is a gorgeous sight for snorkeling and deep sea diving. The site is full of exciting things. You can spend four to five days diving there and no get bored because there will be something exciting to explore. 

Diving in Navy Pier at night is the best experience. There are a lot of flatworms, woebegone, nudibranchs, octopuses, scorpionfish, lionfish, white-tipped sharks, and stargazers. There is plenty of small finned fish to see. You may occasionally come across huge rays resting in the sand.

Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea

To enjoy and explore the wreck it is important to take several dives. The wreck is of a British vessel known as the Blue Thistle. It was attacked from the air and went underwater in 1941. It was carrying war supplies like train carriages, motorbikes, trucks, and rifles. 

Diving can be tricky because currents can be strong in different directions of the wreck. 

Cape Kri-Raja Ampt, Indonesia

The diving sight is extraordinary as it is one of a kind coral garden. It is home to gorgeous marine life and the divers get to see sharks, huge trevallies, manta rays, and barracudas up close. There are about 374 different species of fish at the sight so diving there offers a chance to witness extraordinary marine life.

Barracuda Point- Sipadan Island

Barracuda point is a world-class diving site. The divers may encounter occasional strong sweeping currents while going through 800 meters drop-off. The site has broad sea life. Divers can see coconut, crabs, sea turtles, and buffalo fish.

Gilis Islands

It has become a popular diving site and for good reasons. The waters and reefs of the location offer a mind-blowing backdrop for the dives. Huge reef systems are surrounding the islands. The divers get to enjoy the sight of colorful and marvelous marine life. 


Whether you are a beginner or sea diving expert you can explore and enjoy the magnificence of these sites and see versatile sea life in its natural habitat.