Traveling for adults can be hard work, especially if you are on a long haul journey or if you experience any delays to your travel plans. So, imagine how bad that feels for a little toddler who has no real concept of time yet. It can be extremely difficult when traveling to keep your calm and not get stressed, but it is possible; you just have to plan, prepare, and then plan some more.

Beach Child

Snack Time

Ensure that you carry enough of your kid’s favorite snacks at all times. Running out of food makes for a very frustrated toddler. Frustrated toddlers are not what you want, either on a long road trip or airplane journey to those family friendly resorts in Maui that you have been desperate to get to. Try to carry extra snacks as well to allow for any that get lost, dropped, or damaged along the way.

Play Time

It is important to make traveling as fun as you can for your children. Show them exciting things, stop to take in the scenery, or just play find the red car game over 100+ times. Toddlers easily get overstimulated and bored, sometimes at the same time, so it is important to try and keep playtime short and sweet when travelling, as nobody wants hyperactive toddlers on a lengthy trip.

New Toys

Don’t tell your toddler you have new toys for them; instead, surprise them at regular points in the journey. New toys don’t have to be expensive or even new. Just the fact that it is something different will suffice. Something different for a toddler to play with will help keep their attention and also distract them if they have decided to have a tantrum.

Change of Clothes

You can almost guarantee that 30 minutes into a journey, there will be a toilet accident, especially if you are in the process of potty training. So with this in mind, it is always wise to carry at least one spare set of clothes and shoes. A wet or dirty toddler will not be much fun to be around. Always ensure you carry plenty of cleaning supplies, too, especially if you are on the road and have no immediate access to water or toilet facilities.


Try not to do too much all in one go – this is more for if you are on a road trip more than anything else. Take regular breaks and remember that you need rest too. It is much easier to deal with a screaming, upset, sad, or bored toddler if you have had a few hours of rest.


Although it’s difficult, try and ensure your toddler keeps to a routine as much as possible. For example, take their pajamas and ensure you put them on if you are traveling overnight, take a bedtime story, and so on. Toddlers like routine, and it is easier for them to enjoy the journey if they know that not everything will be changing and different.