Homeschooling is something many parents never thought they would have to do. But then the COVID pandemic hit and many parents were having to fulfil the role of teacher at home. 

As the kids make their way back to class, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief! But going back to school doesn’t have to mean the learning stops at home. You still have some great opportunities to teach your kids different skills, while helping to enhance their learning too. 

Teaching your kids new things is part of the fun of being a parent. Keep up the learning at home with the following skills to teach your kids.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Learn a language together

Being able to speak different languages is a great skill to have. Kids’ minds are like sponges when they’re younger, so they can learn different languages easier than adults can. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn too! Learning a language together can be fun, and can give you a new way to communicate with each other too. Take a look at some ideas for languages kids should learn and get practicing together.

Improve their reading

Reading is one of the most important skills your child will learn. While they’ll learn to read in school, they can progress in their reading at home with you too. There are a lot of great tips for how to teach your kid to read that can be useful for you to practice at home. Kids can get a lot of joy from reading, and by reading to them and reading with them, you’ll soon help them become confident young readers.

Help them fall in love with cooking

Learning how to cook is a very important life skill, and you can teach kids how from a very young age. Asking them to help you in the kitchen can be a lot of fun, and can teach them a lot of basic skills as well as how to create meals, etc. Start with something simple like three ingredient banana cookies and work your way up to more complicated bakes and dishes.

Show them basic gardening skills

Spending time outdoors is important for kids. Some fresh air and spending a bit of time with nature can help feed their curiosity, and it’s a great way to enjoy a bit of physical activity too, so you can be sure they’ll be tired out afterwards. Taking some time to explain different plants and flowers, as well as how to grow different fruit and vegetables can be a wonderful way to spend time with your child, teaching them some enjoyable skills for the future too.

Get them to help around the house

It’s important that kids learn chores – they will need to know how to do things for themselves one day. Teaching kids different chores will help them learn about responsibility, and it can be a way for them to earn an allowance too. From simple jobs like folding laundry to how to use the vacuum, you can introduce different jobs over time and as they get older. 

Practice numbers with them

Math is also something that kids will learn at school, but many children struggle with numbers. Practicing numbers with your child at an early age can help them at school, helping them understand some basic concepts in a way that they can relate to and understand. There are plenty of games that teach numbers that you can have fun playing with your child at home.

How to be healthy

Developing healthy habits from a young age is important for your child. From learning to brush their teeth properly to which foods are good for them, it can all benefit their health now and in the future. Teaching kids healthy habits involves adopting them yourself, so make sure you stay active as a family and practice healthy home cooking where you can. A healthier lifestyle will be beneficial to you all, and it’s never too late to start living one.

There are a lot of great skills you can teach your kids at home. From skills that will help them at school, to those that will help their development and future, learning at home will have many benefits for your child. Learning can be fun for you as a parent too, teaching you new things and helping you see things through your kids’ eyes. Every day is an opportunity to learn, so what will you teach next?