If you’re considering adding a new canine friend to your family, you should know that part of adding a dog to your family is picking the right dog. A large part of this choice falls between getting an adult dog or a puppy. 


While adult dogs can be a great addition to your family, it’s very hard to say no to a puppy. They have an insatiable curiosity combined with an adorable face that makes them too cute to resist. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons why it’s better to get your family dog when it’s still a pup, find out about Maltipoo Puppies to get a dog.

1. You’ll Be More Familiar With the Dog’s History

Buying your dog when it’s still your puppy is great because you’ll have a pet with a known history especially if you choose to get your pet from a rescue organization or breeder.

High chances are you will meet the siblings and both parents of the puppy. This will help you find out the lineage of your new dog.  

You’ll also avoid any possible health issues that may come with an older dog. Adult dogs are more prone to illness and this can be a frustrating experience for the family, both financially and emotionally. 

2. Puppies are Smaller in Size

One of the benefits of getting a dog as a puppy is its miniature size. While the dog will eventually grow into an adult, you will have a considerably easier time managing a 9-pound puppy as compared to a 60-pound dog. 

Pups are much easier to bathe, they eat less food, and do not shed as much fur. Fully grown dogs, however, are a lot more difficult to sustain. 

Even walking an adult dog will be a harder experience because of their size. Pups, on the other hand, will not be able to jump and pull on the leash. 

3. Pups Are a Lot More Adorable

Cuteness for a puppy is its own saving grace. It’s very hard to look at a puppy without gushing. They are very cute with their tiny faces and little vampire teeth that make them so adorable. 

Just knowing you have a load of cuteness waiting for you at home is enough to reduce or kill any stress you might have accumulated from your day-to-day routine.

4. Puppies Are Easier to Train

Starting with a puppy is an amazing idea since it’s almost like starting over with a blank slate. While genetics will play a big role in how your puppy grows and the type of personality it will develop, most of its behaviors and character traits will be shaped by you as the owner and parent. 

Pups are also a lot easier to train. You might get a few nibbles here and there but it will be worth it in the end. You’re less likely to get hurt by a puppy biting you as well because their teeth aren’t sharp enough. This means less chance of getting dog bite lumps under skin from infections as well. Effectively, you can train them out of the habit of nipping you while it doesn’t cause any harm, meaning they won’t do it when they’re bigger and can cause issues!

Maltipoo Puppies Can Make Your Life Whole

Each phase in a dog’s life has several pros and cons as compared to other stages. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what matters the most to you. 

Maltipoo puppies, for instance, are wonderful dogs and can be a great fit for any family. However, bear in mind that pups require more training and attention as compared to adult dogs. These are factors you need to consider before you’re sure you can get a puppy onboard.