Think you can use your great DNA as an excuse not to adopt a skincare routine ever in your life? Wrong! You might be looking your best now in your 20s, 30s and 40s, but the skin is the largest organ and the environmental factors, such as air pollution, UV rays, and frequent stress all have their impact on its health and elasticity.

When you don’t have proper daily skincare routine, eventually you risk the sight of many fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation problems, to name some. In other words, it’s better to adopt good skincare habits sooner rather than later.

Processing this information better, you come to the realisation beautiful skin takes time and work. Also, prevention is much easier and cheaper than best beauty treatments or having to solve issues in the long run with the help of dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Still, to be able to get the wanted results of plump skin with a healthy glow you ought to be more cautious with the brands and products you choose to invest in. Quality is a must, which is why you won’t be wrong in choosing brands and products that are the epitome of quality.

Such is the case with L’Occitane. The outstanding ingredients used in the innovative line of Loccitane make up, skincare, haircare, bath and travel products will help nourish your beauty inside and out, and are also ideal for protecting it.

Find Out More About L’Occitane and Its Values

If you want to get to know more of the brand before investing, the key is to find out where all this success on a global scale is coming from. This means delving deeper into their values. As the backbone of the business, the region of Provence has always been the inspiration for each and every product, as well as the brand as a whole considering it’s also part of its name.

With a deep respect for nature, they produce top-notch skincare consisting of active organic ingredients that come from sustainable farms, and remain faithful to the rich tradition, spirit and culture of the mesmerising French region by promoting it. This has been honoured with the packaging and colours too of each of the Loccitane products.

As it all started with rosemary and lavender essential oils that the founder, Olivier Baussan, distilled himself, they continue to be among the basics when it comes to ingredients and scents. Moreover, since back in 1976 Baussan had an old soap factory donated to him, the brand has also had a strong connection with social causes.

When You Buy L’Occitane, You Help Support:

Sustainable Farming

Let’s face it, the beauty industry is oversaturated with beauty care that contains ingredients that are questionable and full of toxins, as they come from farms that are far from sustainable and ethical. If you’re willing to make a difference in your day to day life, as well as with the shopping habits, it’s as simple as investing in the Loccitane make up, skin and hair products.

This is so because when you buy a piece of their collections and sets, you’re helping out farmers around the world without even knowing it. For instance, when you choose to buy an item containing shea butter, you’re actually helping out women farmers from Burkina Faso thus supporting their efforts in sustainability and a better life.

The same goes for purchasing something from the Brazilian line with the jenipapo plant extract, which belongs to the same family of Rubiaceae as coffee, as it’s grown sustainably in the Cerrado. As for France wide, each product from the Immortelle range that you’d pick, be it the Divine cream, the Precious eye balm or the Overnight Reset serum, you’d be glad to know you’re giving a helping hand to local organic growers of the region of Corsica who are all against the use of chemical fertilisers.

Want to help the region of Provence too and ensure its biodiversity is protected? Be sure to choose one of the products with almond as the basic ingredient, be it the shower oil and milk concentrate or the lovely exfoliating scrubs available at the Loccitane Australia and worldwide stores.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind about beauty care and its contribution to pollution? The packaging! Over the years the number of beauty brands and products has grown considerably, and as a result, so has the waste ending up causing a great deal of damage to our environment.

This is yet another aspect where L’Occitane proves to be a great choice considering they’ve already made their place known in the fight against plastic waste. Based on innovative technology, their manufacturing has turned eco-friendly so much so they’re planning on using 100% sustainable packaging by 2022. This would be possible with the incorporation of Loop PET plastic that comes from repurposed plastics.

Prevention of Blindness

As the brand is all about inclusivity in beauty, they’re among the few ones to have adopted the Braille labelling on about 70% of the Loccitane make up and skincare products. This was considered a must after the founder came across a blind customer struggling to come to know the products by feeling the bottles.

Besides the label, they make their sets as accessible as can be by implementing divine scents among all the organic ingredients. As philanthropy became their forte, they also took it as their mission to help out in the fight against preventable blindness by supporting projects related to such problems.

Which L’Occitane Products to Give a Try?

Hand Cream

As the basics of the brand, you can start by choosing from their vast array of hand creams. After all, hands are among the six body parts that most reveal our age, so some hand care and pampering wouldn’t hurt.

One of their most popular is the shea butter hand cream, as it hydrates and replenishes worn-out skin while it absorbs into it in a short matter of time. It’s also a nice option as a gift if you want to surprise someone with something they can use daily.

Pure Shea Butter

In case you’re up for more than just hand protection, reach out for the L’Occitane pure shea butter that’s ideal for hydrating the face, lips, hands, cuticles, elbows, scalp, and feet. Count on many benefits as it’s enriched with the skin-loving vitamin E.

Almond Shower Oil

If you like to shower every day, this one’s for you. When showering, why not get a full mind-and-body treatment with the brand’s decadent almond cleansing and softening shower oil? As soon as it comes in contact with water, it turns into a foam that gently cleans the skin without stripping its natural oils. No surprise it’s even recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin. And should I also mention it smells utterly amazing?

Verbena Body Lotion 

Perfect for use after hot baths and showers, the Verbena lotions are products that are highly absorbent. Having a lightweight consistency, you’re also going to love the immediate relief they provide from dryness. More so if you’ve got itchy skin!

The Entire Immortelle Collection

Anyone looking for protection against pollutants and UV rays should consider getting care from the beauty products that have immortelle as the main ingredient. As they are absorbed quickly, they make the skin firm and plump, and as a result, reduce the chances for fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness.