When you are looking to redesign a space like your living room, you are probably looking at purchasing some new wooden furniture. If you are a person that likes colour or not, you will need to decide on a colour palette before going any further with furnishings and finishing touches. 

If you are stuck with what colour furniture to choose for your living room, you need to decide on the entire room’s colour scheme. Whether you are repainting or not, you will need to finalize what colour the room will be before adding new furniture. This guide will help you choose the right colour for your living room furniture

Colour Lovers

Some people love crazy colours and mismatch design. If that is you, you will want to add colourful furniture that adds to your interior taste. Whether you love warm or cool tones, you can get the furniture to match that. 

Loving colour makes choosing furniture easy, as you will not mind so much about its colour. Instead, you will more likely be strict on its features and functions. For example, if you have an array of yellows, reds, and brown tones in your living room and want to get a new coffee table, you will be looking for something functional rather than minimal in colour. The colour choices will vary depending on your tones, but not so much on your colours. It will not matter if the new coffee table is light or dark brown, so long as it matches your love for crazy colours and mismatch design.


If you are a minimalist, you will be looking for neutral tones to suit your colour palette. That goes for the colour palette in your living room as well as the rest of the house. Minimalists may enjoy colours such as white, greys, and blacks instead of funky browns or bolder colours. 

When you are redesigning your living space and looking for new furniture, you will want to decide what minimalist tones you want to satisfy your taste. If you wish to all white space, then white furniture will be your top choice. If you are going with white walls but want to add some modern dimension to the area, then grey or black furnishings may be a better choice. It all depends on your minimalist needs and ideas. First, decide on your colour scheme, then choose furniture to match that.

Colour Scheme

For those who choose a specific colour scheme for each room, you may want to initiate what colour your living room will be or stay for the new furniture to fit in. For example, some people love to make their living spaces more neutral and work and kitchen spaces more colourful to match the atmosphere in the room. So, deciding what colour scheme your living room will be will help you determine what tones your new furniture should be. If you are going with neutral tones, then browns and earthy colours may suit your taste. Or, if you are going for something darker and more atmospheric, black and grey furniture might suit your needs. 

No Preference

If you are unlike others and have no preference for interior design and colours, you may need some advice on what colours work well together. The beauty of buying for only one room is that you can just buy matching furniture. Often, furniture for set rooms come in sets so you can have the ease of purchasing one set that will cover all bases. For example, you might be advised that light brown woods will suit the interior design of your living room. Thus, you can buy a light brown wooden living room set that will come complete with a TV stand, coffee table, bookshelf, and other furnishings you might need. 

The colour of your living room furniture will vary depending on your interior taste. It helps to finalize the colour you want your living room to be before buying and deciding on new furniture. You will regret buying furniture and then deciding on a colour for the walls, as you may not find a colour that is the right fit. Instead, base your furniture on your set colour scheme so that the purchase is perfect. The great thing about having various interior tastes is that there is always something to suit your needs when you buy from a store that offers a wide range of furnishings.