A cast-iron skillet is essential for any cook who needs to bake fluffy frittatas and sear steaks. However, you will need to know how to handle and clean them to enjoy their full benefit as they can serve as stovetop, oven, to grill at much ease. Given that not all cast iron serves the same way, you will need to find the best brands with near-perfect ratings and functionality. 

But, How Do I Identify The Best Brands?

Unlike stainless steel pans, cast iron skillets stay hot for a longer time as they heat thoroughly and slowly. Therefore, here are some of the things you should look out for before deciding on your preference and how to clean a cast iron skillet

Helper Handles

Cast iron skillets weight requires a short handle to help you lift easily. You may go for the skillet with an additional U-shaped helper for you to lift it with two hands. 


It would be better to choose cast iron skillets with straight slides to better hold the oil and provide a bigger searing surface area. 


You will require regular seasoning of your cast-iron pan for the coat to remain nonstick. This is done by coating the interior with oil and heating it for about an hour. You will be advantaged to find pre-seasoned cast-iron skillets, which have become common nowadays. 

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Soap has proven to be an effective remover of pan’s seasoning, mostly when scrubbed with an abrasive sponge or brush. Be sure to use hot water and clean the skillet when it’s warm. 

You should then set the skillet on low heat over the burner to help water evaporate and prevent rusting. Then wipe the interior with a few drops of oil. 

So What Are The Best Brands After All? 

  • Lodge Cast Iron Skillet: Lodge is a giant skillet that you can use to sear multiple steaks or roast a whole chicken. It has both a silicon holder and an assist handle that will protect you from excess heat. The pan is usually pre-seasoned and praised for its durability, versatility, and heat distribution. 
  • Milo Ultimate Skillet: By doing your research, you will realize that there are regular and enameled cast iron skillets. The enameled skillets are more stick-resistant and won’t react to acidic ingredients such as tomatoes.
  • The Le Creuset: This cast iron skillet is among the very few that inspire excitement and royalty. It is made of high-quality enameled cast iron. Besides, the pan requires no additional seasoning and handles heat well and requires a relatively simple wash than other nonstick. The pan also has two handles to aid in lifting and drip-free pouring. 
  • FINEX 10- inch: If you are a new cook, this is the best option for you as the uniquely shaped pan will help you remove or pour your masterpieces. Also, the handle is designed to insulate the heat and remain cool for the touch. The skillets have a smooth surface, pre-seasoned for better heat distribution. 

With these options, you are well informed on your best iron cast skillet brand.