Preparation for your baby should be a time for learning and fun. As you wait eagerly for the birth of your newborn, you’ll do well to prepare adequately before your little one arrives. 

From learning about breastfeeding to having getaways with your spouse, this is the best time to create a list of important things to do before you deliver. Use the following  list as a planner for an informative and fun third trimester.

1. Get a Few Lessons on Childbirth

Review some of the labor basics with an experienced midwife, nurse, or teacher. Take time to put some of what you learn into practice. Do lots of breathing and relaxation exercises with a good instructor.  

Enjoy the blessings of the advances in medicine and studies of the childbirth process. Understanding the basics about labor will enable you to follow each stage of your labor with precision. 

2. Tell Your Doctor What You Want on the D-Day

You will see your gynecologist many times during your pregnancy. But don’t forget to tell her about your desires for your delivery. Every child is unique, so you should create a special welcome event for your newborn. 

Doctors usually have the privilege to put you on admission in different hospitals. So, you can decide the one that is most suitable for you.  You may choose the one that is closest to you or one that has a unique childbirth center.

Review your birth plan and ensure that you know what you want concerning medication, inducing labor, natural delivery, cesarean operation, and any other interventions. Do all you can to avoid any shocking events on your delivery day.

3. Go Away With Your Spouse

Pregnancy allows you to have many special moments. Take time to be alone with your spouse in a different environment from home.

This does not imply that you need to take a long-distance trip to another country. But a quick getaway will give you a memorable experience. 

You can go on a ride for a few miles to a resort, see exciting sites, eat 100 percent organic food, and enjoy your spouse’s company.  Take lots of pictures and use them to preserve your best moments in pregnancy

4. Film Your Belly 

You are going to miss the time when you had your little one in your womb. It is true even if there are times you wondered when your back will stop aching you. 

So it’s a good idea to start creating videos of what your tummy looked like when your child was kicking or moving around in your womb. If you notice that your child responds in a unique way when your baby hears you play a particular song on your mobile phone, catch those special kicks. 

Get your spouse involved in this as well. He will probably be in a better position to record a video of the movements in your womb.

5. Prepare Food for You and Baby

Before the delivery date, it’s important to fill up your refrigerator, like smart people do before a well-publicized storm. You won’t regret stocking your fridge with some tasty and nutrient-laden food.

Remember that in the first few weeks after delivery, you won’t have time to do a lot of cooking and grocery shopping. 

You may bake lasagnas, casseroles, and other delicious stuff and put them in your freezer. They will be easy for you to warm for a few weeks when your baby takes all the attention.

However, if you are too busy to do that, you can create a list of takeout menus from some of the best restaurants near you.

After that, you need to prepare to feed your baby as well. You won’t be stocking food for your newborn, but you need to learn the basics of breastfeeding.

Some babies start breastfeeding with ease, while for others, it takes a learning process. You will be able to avoid as many problems as possible if you are adequately informed before you carry your little one in your arms.

6. Install Your Car Seat

It’s best to set up your car seat a few days before your due date. After the labor process starts, neither you nor your partner will be composed enough to read the instructions on how to install a car seat. 

However, the wrong car seat installation can have grave consequences. So do yourself and your baby a favor by setting it up early.

Those are some of the essential things to do before your delivery date arrives. Take a few moments to review the list again and refer to it again a week before you are supposed to give birth.