Changing up their hair has always made people feel a bit like someone new, or that their life has somehow transformed. Even though you might hate your new hairdo at first, it is always fun to view it from different angles, take a few selfies, ask your social media followers for their opinions and slowly start to like it.


Embrace and enhance your natural texture

The 2010s witnessed women around the world unveiling their gorgeous messy curls. Somehow a movement to embrace your natural hair spread all around like wildfire. People who once detested their curly hair were trying to revive it to its healthiest form. Curly-haired individuals must cultivate several habits that will help keep their hair healthy and beautiful. 

One of the simplest things to do if you are dissatisfied with the way your hair looks and feels is to nourish it and bring it back to its original glory. People with all hair types are advised to stay away from products that contain SLS and parabens and opt for much natural or gentler shampoos on their hair and scalp. Today there are numerous products that cater to each hair type, so once you understand what your hair needs, choose the right products such as Lion Locs

Change the texture of your hair.

Even if you have healthy natural hair, you might feel bored of it after a while. Fear not, there are several chemical treatments that alter the composition of your hair strands and make you feel like a different person. If you no longer desire your curls, get a keratin treatment, a Brazillian blowout or any other salon treatments intended to make your hair straight. Those who do want curls atop their head can consider a perm and specify the size of the curls they desire to the stylist. 

Though these methods are more permanent than using styling tools, your hair can revert back to its previous state after a specific period. But when you choose chemical treatments, beware of the health hazards they involve. Most treatments today can damage your hair and leave it dry and frizzy, so when you get to the salon, ask your stylist to use products with the least amount of hazardous chemicals. Due to the damage, even if you wish to go back to your natural hair texture, you might have to cut off a significant chunk of your hair to promote the growth of new healthy strands. 


A dramatic chop

Nothing says hair transformation like a dramatic haircut. You must have seen enough videos online to know that they are incredibly satisfying and can completely change the appearance of the person. If you have had long hair for years, maybe you want to try out a shorter look. A long bob, for instance. Long bobs extend up to your shoulders and is a great way to analyze how you might feel if you were to go shorter. 

But if it’s all or nothing for you, just go for it. Get a pixie cut or a bob or even shave one side of your head to get that very edgy look you always desired. A new haircut will also prompt you to change the clothes and accessories you wear, so it’s fantastic to experiment and find new things you like. 

Alternatively, you can also purchase extensions and wigs to try out a long-haired look. Wigs today are gorgeous masterpieces that can completely transform your appearance. Wigs are no longer restricted to performances, and if you have a pretty well-sized collection, you can change up your hair every day without damaging your natural locks.

A new colour

In the past, hair colouring was restricted to subtle highlights or a change from one natural colour to another. For example, dark-haired individuals would bleach their hair and turn blonde or get light highlights to make things look more interesting.

Today, you can have all colours of the rainbow on your head and still blend in with the crowd. Hair colouring has become the norm today, and there is no limit to the variety of colours people desire on their heads. 

If you have been staying home most of the days, this might be the ideal time for you to turn your head green, or blue or even multiple colours at once. Coupling a colouring session alongside your haircut is sure to give you that transformation you desire. 

Summing up

Now is the time if you wish to bring in changes and live life to the fullest since we are absolutely unsure of what tomorrow might bring us. Changing your hair is one of the simplest and fastest ways to transform yourself and feel a bit different, at least for a while. Not to mention those Instagram-worthy photos that will get people gushing over your new look.