If you’re looking for a gift that says, “You deserve the world, baby,” then you’re on the right track. The women in your life—whether it’s your mother, partner, sister, daughter, or best friend—should feel special this holiday season. 

You have the power to do that, with one of these four gift ideas that are perfect for at least someone on your list.

#1 For The “Can Never Get Too Cozy” Friend: Fluffy Slippers

With all this time spent at home during the holiday season, you need just the right comfy gear to get you through the long, cold winter months—so do the women on your shopping list.

A pair of sustainable wool slippers is a great gift for someone who cares about being eco-zy as much as they want to be just regular cozy. These household shoes come in a wide range of sizes so you should be able to find something perfect whether they need a size 34 slipper or something closer to a 47 and beyond.

#2 For The Cardio Queen: An Apple Watch

Whether or not she’s actually doing cardio, an Apple Watch is a perfect gift for an on-the-go gal. She can check her step count, track fitness goals and progress, and most importantly, never miss another notification again (perhaps a gift for you as well as her). 

As an added bonus (or if you have someone on your list that already owns and loves their Apple Watch), you can include a watch band that suits their style:

  • For something classy and sophisticated (or someone who wears their watch to the office), get them a rose-gold steel mesh band.
  • For something funky and fresh, find a colorful print like cherries, tie-dye, rainbow stripes, or vibrant floral.
  • For something classic and simple, look for a black or brown leather band.
  • For something sporty and athletic, check out some of the standard woven mesh straps, either from Apple or third-party sellers.

#3 For Your Sexy Significant Other: Tasteful Lingerie

Fair warning: this gift is not appropriate for every woman in your life, so use this suggestion wisely. If you get awkward stares and uncomfortable silence on Christmas morning, we take no responsibility for your questionable decisions. 

However, there is a time and a place for a set of sexy lingerie. This intimate clothing is perfect to wear for a romantic occasion or a boudoir photography session.

Keep in mind, there’s nothing worse than ill-fitting intimates that they can’t return, so be sure to do a little detective work first. Whether your girl wears a 34AA bra or a 48DD, you’re bound to find something she’ll love if you know where to look.

#4 For The Sentimental Sweetheart: A Custom-Made Ornament

For the woman that loves the holiday season and loves thoughtful gifts even more, order a custom ornament that is uniquely special to her (don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you make something from scratch, though that would certainly be heartfelt, too). 

There are so many online shops and designers that handcraft incredible custom-made gifts with practically anything you want.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Order a hanging snowglobe with miniature versions of the two of you, your whole family, or your friends in a Winter Wonderland.
  • Use a picture of something special as the inspiration for a personalized clay ornament designed by an artist—for example, their home decorated for Christmas, the two of you posing with Santa, or an imaginary scene of them “at the North Pole.” 
  • For something a little simpler (and maybe even a DIY-option), screenprint a holiday photo onto an ornament (or pay a professional to do it). Get their name and the date printed or painted on to commemorate the moment.

All They Want for Christmas Is…

…something that shows you care. 

You don’t have to buy the fanciest jewelry or the most luxurious designer handbag. Oftentimes, a gift from the heart is better than a gift from the wallet (though you usually can’t go wrong with something both pricey and profound—just something to think about).

With this helpful list, you should be well on your way to filling your magic bag with gifts, but no one knows the women in your life as well as you do. Whatever you pick, they’re sure to love it.