Holidays are a great time to think about making some eco-friendly changes. Valentine’s Day is usually a special day filled with treats and gifts, and it is good opportunity to go a little greener!

Here are some ideas:

Choose potted plants over cut flowers

Cut flowers are a popular gift, but you could try a more eco-friendly option and go with a potted indoor plant, or even an outdoor plant. Houseplants are great for air quality and bring life to indoor spaces. Plants like succulents and monstera plants are quite the rage!

Shop local

When you are shopping for Valentine’s gifts and supplies, seek out local businesses and goods. There are so many products to choose from right in your own city. You could support a local winery or brewery. Find a local chocolatier for sweets, or bake something using sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients. Farmer’s markets are a great place to find local good. Instead of cut flowers, find a nice houseplant at a florist shop, or a gift card to a local nursery.

Choose sustainable products

There are a lot of ways to choose sustainable products for Valentine’s Day. If you are cooking a meal, choose sustainable ingredients and don’t use any disposable tableware if possible.

Skip the traditional wrapping paper

Consider alternatives to wrapping with eco-friendly materials. You can find recycled paper, use cloth, or even a fabric bag.

Gift eco-friendly items

There are lots of lovely items you can give as a gift that are also eco-friendly. Some of these include soaps, sustainable clothing (such as those made with bamboo), organic sheets, gardening supplies, etc. You can also gift items that make it easier to be eco-friendly, such as nice reusable bags or stainless water bottle or mug.

Choose less material items

Less material gifts can include things like experiences, tickets, and gift cards. You can also choose things like gourmet foods, or other usable goods like clothing.

Shop with reusable bags

Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags when you shop!