Plenty of people pay a lot of attention to their diet and tend to choose nutrient-rich foods only. Eating healthily can boost your mood and help you extend your life expectancy. No wonder so many people reach for almost every product labeled “bio.”

Not only can people benefit from healthy eating, but it can also improve their pets’ lives.

Organic diet plans can significantly boost your dog’s health and wellbeing. That’s why it’s so important to find the right diet for your pup. Ideally, it should taste good and provide all vitamins your four-legged friend needs for a healthy life. 


What’s more, it turns out that organic foods can help our dogs live longer, be more fertile, and feel much better. If you want to consider changing your puppy’s diet, check this article below:

Healthy Commercial Puppy Food

It has been proven that mammals need plenty of protein to build muscle, repair cells, and produce needed hormones. That’s why dog owners feed their pups with beef, chicken, and pork. However, unfortunately, not each type of meat is healthy for puppies. Meat is full of phosphorus that can negatively influence dogs’ wellness. For example, it can make them feel sick and lead to food allergies.

People can eat different foods that contain protein– nuts, seafood, dairy products. Dogs can’t eat all human products; that’s why you shouldn’t let your furry friend eat table scraps. 

If you want your dog to get enough protein, consider getting low phosphorus dog food that doesn’t contain any chemicals. 

Green Vegetables and Raw Food

Dogs, just like people, need various vitamins and minerals to lead a healthy life. And as we know, the best nutritional source of vitamins is a diet full of vegetables. That’s why you should consider adding raw foods to your pup’s diet plan. Your dog can eat broccoli, carrots, celery, and green beans. 

Before you change your dog’s diet, make sure to read the full list of all vegetables and fruits pets can’t eat.

Remember that raw food should be about 10% of your puppy diet – you should cook or blanch the rest of the vegetables. Indeed, there are claims that a raw diet is the healthiest option for dogs, but it might contribute to several health problems in the case of puppies. 

What you need to be sure of is that you’ve chopped the veggies beforehand. And remember that any vegetables, cooked, boiled, or raw, should be approximately 2/3 of your dog’s diet (next to proteins and carbs). Don’t force your pet to go vegan. 

Healthy Homemade Meat-Based Food

There are no processed ingredients in organic food. So if you want to provide your puppy with a source of bacteria and protein that wouldn’t irritate his stomach – go for homemade dog foods. You can combine lean ground beef, beef heart, and liver that positively influence the dog’s heart rate. Add some rice to make sure your pup won’t have any digestion problems.

Always pick high-quality products and portion them to provide your pet with an adequate number of calories. What’s worth remembering is that puppies’ nutritional needs are different from those of adult dogs. They need more vegetables and slightly more protein than adult dogs, whereas the number of carbs should be a little reduced. 

Grain-Free Foods

Grain-free food is claimed to be better for general puppies’ health as it has more proteins. As already mentioned, puppies shouldn’t eat only carbs. It would be best if you add some legumes and potatoes to your dog’s daily diet. Both legumes and potatoes are a healthy source of carbs, and at the same time, they are rich in proteins.

You can also find dog food labeled as organic. If you’re looking for an entirely grain-free type, a better choice would be a brand that contains natural carbs.


Remember that each puppy has individual needs. Before you make any changes in your dog’s diet, consult a vet or a dog nutritionist to ensure that some products aren’t harmful to your beloved four-legged friend. If you’ve decided to cook your homemade food, make sure that the balance between ingredients is maintained, and you provide your dog with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Search for the proven recipes, and always pay attention to how much water your puppy drinks. If you decide to buy commercial dog foods, always read the labels. It’s very important to make sure you give the best food to your pup. A healthy diet will help your dog feel better and live longer. Be a responsible dog owner, and you will get a lot of unconditional love in return.