We recently started using blue spirulina, when we were exploring some new superfoods. This brilliant blue product has lots of great health benefits! We did notice when we used it in smoothies, it would have an aftertaste, but this blue lemonade tastes just right.

Blue Spirulina is easy to find now that it has become more popular. If you buy online, be sure to take note of the packaging size. This 1oz bag at The Reserve runs about $30. You aren’t going to use a whole lot in any given recipe, and it does usually come in small bags.

What you need

~ lemonade (homemade or store bought)
~ blue spirulina


To start, prepare your lemonade. You can make homemade lemonade with sweetener, or buy lemonade. We are a fan of Santa Cruz organic lemonade that comes in a glass bottle.

All you need for this is to mix spirulina into your lemonade! For a cup of lemonade, I used about 1/4-/1/2 teaspoon of blue spirulina, but you can adjust and add a little more for a richer color. Considering a 1oz bag cost me $30 and contains 30 servings, I am sticking to a small amount for each use.

Whisk in your spirulina, or if you are adding to a container of lemonade, you can shake it. The spirulina can be clumpy unless you mix it well. We have a mini whisk that I love for mixing things in glasses.

I don’t notice this adding a taste to the lemonade, unlike some of the smoothies we have made. It is nice to get the health benefits without any aftertaste. I can’t guarantee that if you add more than I did, you won’t be able to taste the spirulina.

It is really easy as that! I have heard this referred to as Mermaid Lemonade. All I know is that it is so pretty, delicious, and has the health benefits of blue spirulina!