Of the wide assortment of art available at Fine Art America, none are more versatile than the wall tapestries. Available in various sizes and any print you can think of, these swaths of fabric can create a huge impact in many diverse ways. 

The most obvious way is to hang the wall tapestry on – you guessed it – the wall! Double-sided or indoor mounting tape is a swift and efficient way to get them up, and it won’t ruin your paint job. It makes a great way to incorporate vitality, color, and a focal point to a minimal room. Also, tapestries make an excellent, affordable option instead of a large-scale print or wallpaper.

We’ve listed down some innovative and creative ways to incorporate wall tapestries into your decor.

As A Tablecloth

A lot of tapestries are machine washable. As a result, they make amazing tablecloths! 

You can now wake up with bold graphics to your morning coffee, or colorful and bright prints to impress your friends at brunch?

As Chair pads

Give a pleasurable sitting experience to you, your family members, and guests by using wall tapestries with unique textures and colors as chair pads. You can easily use them to cover your chair cushions. Tapestry with mandala designs gives the latest bohemian look to the interior.

As A Headboard

The headboard is the most relevant part of your bedroom. If you wish to present your headboard with a unique look, then encasing it with tapestries is an awesome idea. Add the incredible uniqueness in your room by utilizing the tapestry as a headboard and covering the surface of the dull wall on the back of your bed.

As A Bedspread

Large wall tapestries are big enough to cover a queen-sized bed! 

The materials are surprisingly soft against the skin, so it gives a lovely bedspread. You can also put it over your duvet as a light, decorative cover. A tapestry that is serene and nightlike can seem tailor-made for encouraging slumber.

Use as A Ceiling Tapestry 

Hanging a tapestry from the ceiling can cover any unappealing spots or unsavory designs from the previous homeowner. You can add a whole new attraction to the room by using tapestries with chic and unique designs. Hang your favorite custom tapestry like a ceiling tapestry that will mirror your personality. Tapestry will exhibit positive energy and good vibes to you and your visitors and make your room look more spacious and big.

As a Decorative Pillow

You constantly need extra pillows for your room. Pillows completely change the look of your bed. Trust us when we say that tapestries make a great fabric for experiments. Redefine your room with a unique and chic pillow that fills the whole space with a new vibe through an eye-catching design.

If you’re still facing uncertainties regarding the usage of wall tapestries then try any of these above-mentioned extraordinary ways and reconstruct the whole look of your home.