Everyone is different when it comes to skin sensitivities and allergies. Applying the same kind of makeup and products for every face can never work for the best. Sometimes you may end up with reactions, or the products don’t provide you the uplift they are said to. This is why various brands have several products for different face types and sensitives. 

So if you end up with a red or irritated eye every time you apply or remove makeup, maybe the products you use are too harsh, or you have the case of sensitive eyes. If you have sensitive eyes that react to the slightest of touch, you will need to start being extra careful from now on.

For this reason, the following are some expert tips to care for your eyes while applying makeup:

Get Quality Brushes 

Sensitive eyes don’t have to equal to no makeup around the eye area. You can take some precautions and make your life easy while looking fabulous, like everyone else. So for this, the number one precaution can be using good quality brushes and other makeup utensils around the eyes. You don’t want the eye shadow to go into your eyes more than what’s safe. 

For this purpose, make sure to choose soft and compact brushes that don’t irritate the eyes or spread the powder or cream everywhere. That’s why you need good quality brushes that have soft bristles and support sensitive eyes. You want your makeup to look natural and carefully applied. Be sure to pair good brushes with quality makeup.

Use Pencil Eyeliners

When you have acute eye problems, eyeliner can be a big letdown, especially liquid ones that look better. There are several other counterparts to eyeliners that you can use instead of eye touching solutions that make the eyes irritate like nothing else. You can use a ballpoint or pencil instead of the liquid solution. You can create better defined looks with these utensils than those dripping liners that are hard to draw with. For example, Jonteblu eyeliner is waterproof and smudge-resistant. It will not irritate your eyes as it is 100% vegan and made without any harsh chemicals.

Routine the Outer Corner of the Eye

If it’s not working out around your eyes, you can find other areas to apply eye makeup and still look beautiful. Likewise, you don’t have to be in pain while applying eye makeup; you can just place more focus on the outer side of the eyes. The outer corners can be used to apply thick eyeliner that can make them look more elaborate, and the eye won’t have to be hurt while applying makeup. Make sure to be gentle while applying makeup in these outer areas as well, and don’t pull the skin too much for eyeliner or shadow. 

Acquire Sensitive Eyelashes

No matter what, an eye look can never be complete with just eyeliner and mascara. Long and curvy eyelashes work like magic for nay look, but for sensitive eyes, they can be a big issue. The glue and lash hair can hurt the outer area and go inside the eye to cause irritation. However, you don’t have to give false lashes up and instead look for quality eyelashes for sensitive eyes. The best fake lashes for sensitive eyes at Nikkia Joy Cosmetics Pty Ltd can work the best with your eye type and help you flaunt them at the same time.