Well, it’s been a year to remember and a year to forget. As we close 2021, with fireworks but no parties and very little to celebrate, we’ll be ending a year when we were forced to stay at home for longer than ever before. The sense of domestic entrapment has been, for many, an unpleasant and difficult one to deal with. That’s why, with 2021 fast approaching, we’re offering tips for you to upend your life with an exciting and exhilarating adventure vacation in 2021. Here’s how you’ll plan it. 


There is no base like a campsite. Your tent is your castle, and your equipment is your survival gear. You won’t have a dish washer and a washing machine out there, nor will Netflix or an Xbox sustain you for entertainment. Instead, you’ll be cut off from the world of domestic bliss, and you’ll be forced to fight for yourself for your warmth, for your food, and for your comfort. This is proper ‘back to nature’ stuff and we recommend that you perform your adventure activities from a base in a campsite to feel properly cut off and outdoors-y. 

Being Safe

If this is one of the first times you’ve done an outdoor vacation, it’s important that you stay safe. Here are a few pointers to keep you from getting hurt on your trip in the great outdoors:

  • When using gas cookers, always make sure it’s not leaking gas when not in use. 
  • Make sure that you always keep your bedding warm and dry inside your tent. Wet bedding is a recipe for hypothermia. 
  • Do make a fire, but make it sufficiently far away from your tent, so that sparks don’t burn holes in it. 
  • Bring more than enough food, including snacks that you’re able to eat without cooking them. 
  • Ensure you bring a great first-aid kit: use this best hiking first aid kit article from The Camping Geek for inspiration.

Your safety is a top priority on your adventure vacation, so make sure you’re nice and safe by following the advice you see online. 

Your Activities

There are literally hundreds of different adventure activities you can perform on your trip. If you’re into getting out on your own two feet, there’s hiking, climbing, canyoning, bouldering, and trial running to excite your senses and get your heart rate climbing. 

Alternatively, if you’re into extreme sports, check out opportunities to surf, paraglide, bungee jump, white water raft, canoe, or sail. In your local area there may be a pocket of nature with activities that you’ve never heard of before. Why not try something new and book yourself on to one of their courses or trips in 2021?

COVID Safety 

The great thing about a camping and adventure trip in 2021 is that it’ll take place in the great outdoors, far from the hotspots where the coronavirus is currently taking hold. That means you won’t have to worry so much about the virus and you can simply relax. 

Use these simple tips to help plan your exciting outdoor adventure vacation as the year turns to 2021.