So many changes occurred in 2020 that it was almost hard to keep up with them. But one that has appeared to stick is the fact that many of us started to work from home. This was of course to maintain the workforce’s safety but as an extra benefit, it turned out that it gave more than just that. There were other advantages too, mainly the improved work-life balance it promoted (certainly for those who were not having to home school a great deal!). Productivity of the staff didn’t seem to be harmed and now, more and more businesses are aiming to keep at least an element of homeworking for staff, which could even result in reduced overheads for the business.

So if you have found yourself in the position of working from home more than usual, you no doubt want an excellent home office and may be wondering how to set a permanent one up. Take a look at our top tips and get yourself match fit for the year ahead:

Choose the right space

Ideally, you need somewhere with privacy, that can be quiet when you need it to be. Basically, any area that can be closed off by a door! Start by choosing one from Internal Doors UK that matches the style you want to achieve and by buying online, you won’t be paying over the odds either. Ideally set up a space somewhere like a spare room – you’ll be able still use it when you need it for guests but the rest of the time it can serve as your work haven. 

Get the right furniture 

We all know that sitting in the same place for hours at a time can cause all manner of health problems so you need to ensure that you not only sit correctly, but that your furniture is ergonomic enough to allow it. Chairs with lumbar support and adjustable backs and height and proper desks that are at the right height too will help keep you in tip top condition whilst working long hours. 

Install the right technology

Your company might only provide you with certain things but it will be extremely helpful if you can have a bit of extra kit to set yourself up properly, even if it means buying it yourself. Two screens can help many people and ones with adjustable heights will help avoid neck problems. Make sure your WiFi is strong enough to manage any video conferencing you might be doing and also make sure it reaches the area where your office is! If you need extras such as wrist supports and foot rests then make sure you get those too – you’ll be grateful in the long run! Choosing a foot rest that would make you most comfortable is necessary, check the material, if you want a rest made with foam, and most especially good quality footstool legs.   

Adding a few personal touches and ensuring you are organised in your space is important too, so it’s welcoming and comfortable to work there. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you might be when you set your home office up properly so make it a New Year’s resolution to do yours!