Drinking morning smoothies are the new trend these days. It is the ultimate way to consume as much nutrition as possible by having one drink.  The best are the superfood powder smoothies that can easily add a plethora of nutrients to your daily eating regimen. You can make smoothies a nutritional powerhouse that also tastes delicious.

Here are some superfood morning drinks that are full of vitamins and make the perfect meal to keep you energized throughout the day, along with immense health benefits.  

Superfood Mushroom smoothie

People who regularly consume various mushroom smoothies containing different mushrooms, like Lions Mane products either by mixing the superfood powder in their coffee every morning, or their tea have reviewed the mushroom to work wonders for them. Widely revered in traditional medicine, it is increasingly used by people of all ages as a morning booster to enhance their memory, improve mental health and focus, boost their physical performance, and overall optimal health.

Green tea smoothie

Make your summer mornings fresh and healthy by drinking a green tea smoothie. It involves adding green tea to your buttermilk and sugar if required. This thick smoothie can make your everyday green tea taste different along with a plethora of health benefits.

Other fruit smoothies

If you have a sweet tooth or are in the mood for something sweeter this morning, you can make yourself a healthy fruit smoothie.

Cut some fresh fruit or get frozen fruit of your choice, add it milk with a spoonful of Greek yogurt, and toss the mixture in the blender. Add a few ice cubes depending upon the season, and enjoy a glass full of nutrients each morning.

Berry smoothies

Berries like strawberries and blueberries may seem tiny, but are actually powerhouses of nutrition that are generally underestimated. Blueberry smoothie makes a powerful fat burner according to several studies. These berries are a rich source of antioxidants and have the capability of activating genes that burn fat.

While strawberry smoothies contain polyphenols that aid swift weight loss by stopping the formation of fat in the body.

Vegetable smoothie

Vegetable juice loving people—if you want to give a twist to your morning drink, try vegetable smoothies. Have a smoothie with a combination of fresh celery, spinach, tomato juice, carrot juice, and cucumber to get maximum health benefits and a nutrient-packed breakfast. To make it a bit spicy, you can also add a dash of hot sauce.

Smoothies containing spices

Spices like cinnamon, pepper, and cardamom are considered the healthiest smoothie additions that also enhance your smoothie’s overall flavour.

These smoothies are beneficial in reducing pain and boosting metabolism. You can also add ginger and turmeric to get the most of their powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.


Since smoothies are made of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nutritious food, you can make as many combinations of healthy drinks as you want, so that it doesn’t get boring. 

Therefore, have superfood smoothies daily so that you can start your mornings right. Apart from smoothies, you can also add your superfood powders in soups, baked goods, lattes, and yogurt. Check out these smoothie boosters for a variety of ideas for things you can use to bring your smoothie to the next level.