Running your own dental practice can be a very rewarding career choice, but it also takes a lot of good management and organization to keep it running the way it should on a daily basis. Dental practices can become very busy, which means organization is vital for the good of both your practice and its patients. 

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1. Keep a Tidy Front Desk Area

One area where bad organization can easily lead to patient problems for your practice is the reception area. If your front desk is completely unorganized, this can mean bigger problems for patient appointments and information. Keeping a tidy front desk area means everything can be maintained and filed appropriately, as well as giving a more professional image

2. Install an Answering Machine for Your Phone Line

A lot can occur when it comes to patient appointments. An answering machine helps you to keep a log of any messages relating to lateness, cancellations and bookings, which can be helpful when phone lines are busy and reception staff need to backtrack or keep records.

3. Concentrate on Staff Training

Better organization and efficiency can be accomplished through thorough training. If staff know where everything is, how everything is run, how to better manage their own workspace and more, this means that productivity and organization is naturally increased and job roles can be performed more effectively. You can also hire a remote dental assistant to help keep up with tasks.

4. Use Any Software Which Can Better Help You to Stay on Track

Technology is a huge boon in a dental practice, both for the reception area and for dental practitioners themselves. Any software or means of technology which can be used to make job roles easier and increase efficiency should be implemented, especially when it comes to records and filing. 

5. Keep on Top of Patient Reminders 

You can’t always rely on patients to remember their own regular appointments. As it’s essential that you drive returning patients back to your practice, sending out patient reminders on a regular basis helps to keep track of all appointments and keep a healthy flow of patients. 

6. Prepare Basic Appointment Items Ahead of Time

Preparing items like gloves and cleaning supplies which are standard for each patient ahead of time can help to increase turnover and reduce wasted time. Having a tray or bin system which you can fill with the right items for each patient means that you can easily reach for the next one without having to stop between every appointment to restock. 

7. Have a Good Disposal and Recycling System in Place

Whether it’s general recycling like card and paper or the proper disposal of dental cleaning items, having a good system decided ahead of time means all staff know exactly what to do in regard to disposal. This can help prevent waste items stacking up and taking up unnecessary space and time. 

Final Thoughts

Not only is organization key to the effective running of your practice, but it’s also important for presenting a more professional image and reputation of the practice itself.