Many people think that the chest of drawers or the dresser is nothing but a piece of furniture. Well, how wrong they are. Do you know you can place them almost anywhere in your home? Well, you actually can. There are many ways through which you can use this accent furniture. Although it’s used for storage purposes, they can also look pretty when you put them in an unexpected place in your house. The drawers come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors. You will find both vintage-style and contemporary-style drawers available in the market as well.

How to use the chest of drawers?

You can utilize the drawers in many ways. It will not just help you store things but also enhance the beauty and appearance of your home, no matter where to place. Given below are some of the essential uses of the Chest of Drawers. Look below!

1. The Bedroom: The drawers are designed to store folded clothes within the bedroom. But you can use the dresser in a countless number of ways. Whether it’s your child’s room, master bedroom, or guest room, you can use the dress as a bedside table and organize your clothing. You can also use the dresser as a storage option near your foot. You need to make sure the bureau is lower than your mattress top.

2. The Living or Family Room: You can move the dresser from the bedroom to the living room without any issues. You don’t have to purchase costly furniture when you have a chest of drawers to fill the space. You can use the drawer as an end table, use it as a console table at the back of your sofa, can use it as storage for puzzles, art, supplies, and games. You can also turn it into a wine rack or holder for your living room.

3. Kitchen or Dining Room: The chest of drawers is not just ideal for cottage-style kitchens, but you can also use them in your modern kitchen setting. A vintage-style mid-century dresser will deliver a cozy and warm touch to your kitchen. You can use the chest of drawers as a sideboard, a coffee bar or coffee station, and a kitchen island with rails and hooks. The drawer will also serve as a small chest for seasonal decorations, floral arrangements, or tea service.

4. Foyer, Porch, or Mudroom: With the help of a Chest of Drawers you can declutter your mudroom, foyer, or porch in a matter of minutes. You can create a functional foyer to store seasonal products like scarves, and gloves. The dress can be placed in the mudroom or entry to store things such as kid’s homework, electronics, bills, or tools. 

5. Bathroom: When you are interested to style up your bathing area, a chest of the drawer will do the trick. You can use the drawer two ways, such as repurposing it as a drop-in or vessel sink or use it for linen storage. When placing a dresser in your bathroom, make sure it can withstand moisture well and must not wear out.

Ending Note

A chest of drawers or a dresser is ideal for not just your bedroom but for your entire home. You can use it according to your needs and wants with no problems. Make sure the chest of the drawer you use will match perfectly with the area where you are placing it.