Stress is a natural part of life and often unavoidable. However, if you’re experiencing chronic stress, it can cause several other issues to develop. From anxiety to hormonal disruptions, stress can be a silent killer.

As cannabis use becomes more accessible, with online store like low price bud offering lots of different product options, many users are exploring various ways to experiment with this natural form of stress relief. 

Try Micro-Dosing

One of the negative side-effects of cannabis use is paranoia and racing thoughts. This stems from the THC in cannabis plants, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. While some people never experience these negative side-effects, many people with high levels of stress and anxiety are prone to them.

Micro-dosing is the act of consuming extremely low quantities of a given drug. For those who find cannabis triggers more anxiety, this is a viable solution to reap some of the benefits without experiencing the side effects. 

For cannabis, in particular, there are studies outlining the benefits of using small quantities. The small-scale study conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago concluded that those with high THC levels or the placebo both faced high levels of stress when put through various challenges. Those with a low to moderate dose of THC excelled and felt calmer.

Try single servings of cannabis to see how it interacts with your body. Try micro-dosing for a few weeks and write down how you feel to determine whether this method is working for you.

Use CBD Oil

Finally, if combustion isn’t your preferred method of consumption, you can always try CBD oil. Many CBD oil options are legal federally, as long as they’re below the THC level threshold of 0.3%. In legalized states and Canada, the THC level may be higher.

CBD oil is a great way to practice micro-dosing or get the effects of cannabis without the psychoactive high. This is an excellent alternative for those who have trouble focusing on their responsibilities while imbibing. Many users prefer CBD oil to pre-made edibles, as it’s more versatile.

Keep in mind that you can smoke a CBD isolate if you prefer the combustion experience. You can also get a CBD vape juice if you choose to vape over traditional smoking. has a list of best vape cartridges.

Try Indica Strains

There are a plethora of cannabis strains that boast different effects. Many cannabis users experiment for years before finding one that works for them. When trying to quell stress and anxiety, it’s often the Indica strains that have the best results. 

Indica is known for creating a sense of calm and relaxation. This is in direct contrast to Sativa, which creates a more energized, uplifted feeling. However, if you’re already focusing on something stressful, Sativa can sometimes cause those feelings to run amok.

It’s worth checking out different strains and journaling your experience to understand how other options impact your stress levels. A study conducted by Washington State University found that balancing out THC levels with CBD levels effectively combats stress and anxiety. Looking for strains with an equal or higher CBD ratio to THC can help keep stress levels low.

Tips for Using CBD for Stress Relief

As mentioned before, keeping a journal of what strains you tried, when, the quantity, and how it impacted your body and mind can help you find the right strain for stress relief. When you try a new strain, stay somewhere comfortable and safe, as everyone reacts differently. Some users report digestive issues or sleepiness, so it’s better to be in a secure environment.