Going camping is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and disconnect from a world run by technology. Humans used to spend a lot of time in nature hunting and growing food, but now people live in a world where groceries are delivered, and you don’t have to go outside for days if you don’t want to. However, camping brings people back to their roots. It fosters a different environment for your family full of memory making and bonding. If you want to make your own homemade mosquito spray, there are more than 5 mosquito spray recipes out there and your trip won’t be interrupted by mosquitos anymore.

However, even the best trips can be ruined if your outdoor excursion is interrupted by mosquitos, and you don’t have a good bug bite treatment. However, there are some ways you can prepare yourself for success while camping.

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Here are three tips to keep mosquitos away. 

1. Have the Right Gear

Depending on the level of camping you want to do and if you stay in an RV or an actual tent, having the best gear can make or break your trip. Mosquitos look for any way to crash a party, so use a tent that’s in good shape, doesn’t have any holes and is sturdy. In addition, consider purchasing a covered enclosure you can add to your campsite. With a covered enclosure, you can still be outside eating and socializing without being totally exposed. 

2. Wear Clothing That’s Covering

While it may be tempting to show off your skin and get a tan, this isn’t the best idea. Forests are where mosquitos and other bugs thrive. The more exposed your skin is, the higher chance you have of getting bit. That’s why it’s important to wear clothes that cover more of your body rather than less. Think about wearing hats, long pants and long sleeve shirts. You can find clothes made with super lightweight material, so you won’t overheat. In addition, avoid wearing dark colored clothing. Rich colors also tend to attract mosquitos more. 

3. Watch out for Strong Scents

When camping, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing highly scented sprays and deodorants. These strong smells can lure in mosquitos and make you even more delectable in their eyes. Choose unscented products. It’s also a good idea to avoid working out because sweat also makes mosquitos more attracted to you. 

Camping is a good way to see nature’s scenery, indulge in earth’s beauty and immerse yourself in a new experience. It’s a unique trip that can be full of joy. You can try to ensure you’ll have the best trip possible by taking every precaution to avoid unwelcome mosquito bites. 3 Ways to Avoid Mosquitos While Camping