You’re going to be traveling out of the country soon for work. You haven’t been able to arrange a pet sitter for your dog and you would rather not pay kennel fees. Why don’t you take them with you?

There are many places around the world that will be more than happy to accommodate you and your adorable pooch. All you have to do is book ahead of time and do a little bit of research.

Some countries and airlines restrict certain breeds from travel, for example. Prepare yourself by reading these tips or traveling with a dog before you head out.

1. Take Them for a Little Test Drive 

Your dog has been on car rides before but have they been on a 4-hour long ride before? It’s a completely different ballgame. You have no idea how they’re going to react or if they’ll get car sick. 

That’s why you should consider taking a little test drive. Put them in your vehicle and take a 2-hour ride to a dog park or something. If they’re full of nerves during this trip, you know that they won’t be able to handle a long one.  

2. Bring a Squeegee with You 

The thing about dogs is they shed a lot. Even the short-haired one.  Save yourself the trouble of dealing with it by bringing a hair squeegee with you. 

This will help you remove any unwanted dog fur out of your back seat and keep your hotel as hair-free as it was before you and your canine checked in. 

3. Ask Before You Assume 

Dog travel has been around for a while. It hasn’t been long enough for certain hotels to update their information regarding the entry of furry friends, though. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to never assume. If you don’t see information on the hotel’s site, go ahead and give them a call. The same goes for malls and other establishments in the area where you’ll be traveling. 

4. Bring Their Medications and Plenty of Food 

Take your dog to the vet before your trip to get an updated dose of any medications that your dog has to take. You want to make sure that they don’t run out while you’re gone. 

If you’re afraid your dog will be a tad anxious during a flight or car trip, the vet might be able to give them something to calm them down as well. CBD makes good dog separation anxiety cures but it also works for travel stress. 

On top of the medication, you also want to make sure you bring enough food. Our advice is to bring too much. You never know when a flight will be delayed and you don’t want to have to shop for food in another country. 

You may not be able to find the brand your dog is used to. That could end with a bad upset stomach for your poor pupper. 

5. Exercise the Energy Out of Them 

A well-exercised dog is a sleepy dog if you catch our drift. Let your dog run around and play a few hours before your drive or flight. This will ensure that they sleep through the entire trip or at least most of it. 

You should also make sure to give them water and let them use the bathroom before the trip. You want to go a little easy on the food just in case their anxiety gives them an upset tummy. 

6. Make Copies of Their Records  

What do you need to travel with a pet? The most important thing is their health records. Officials can and will ask to see them.

They want to make sure that your dog has all the necessary vaccinations. If something happens to your pet and you need to take them to a vet, they’ll need a copy of the dog’s health records in order to treat them as well. 

7. Be Careful About Where You Stay 

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of hotels out there that will accommodate your dog. The thing is, they may ask for a lot in return. It could be something as small as a one-time deposit or fees as large as an extra 50 bucks a night. 

Do your research before you decide where you’re going to stay. Hotels such as Red Roof Inn, Kimpton, and Motel 6 will allow you and your dog to stay without any additional fees. 

8. Beware of Airline Policies 

If you’re traveling by plane, you need to double-check airline policies. Call them, do some research on their site, and even email them to make sure your dog is allowed to fly. 

Certain airlines have breed restrictions that you need to be aware of. Prices and policies can fluctuate from airline to airline as well. Always make sure that you’re on top of things. 

9. Research the Country You’re Going to 

Just like airlines, certain countries have breed restrictions as well. They may need a copy of their vaccines and a bunch of other paperwork from the vet before they’ll allow them access in the country too. 

There’s also the little matter of pet fees. Make sure you do tons of research on the country you’re going to before you decide to bring your dog along. 

Make Your Trip Go Smoothly with These Tips for Traveling with a Dog 

Are you trying to plan a trip with your adorable canine? Don’t head out until you prepare with these tips or traveling with a dog. You’ve got a lot of calling around and planning to do before it’s time to head on the plane or hop in the car. 

The first thing you need to figure out is which countries are safe to take your pet. Visit the travel section of our blog to see where to go.