Did you create a great song, and are you excited to share it with music enthusiasts?

Did you create an excellent playlist and want people to listen to it?

Or are you thinking about uploading your podcast to Spotify?

Either way, you want to promote your work because the competition on this platform is fierce.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to do that:

1. Build your image

The minute you create a verified artist profile, you gain access to Spotify for Artists, and you must start focusing on building your image. You need to look at your Spotify like at business. To be successful, you have to have a strong brand image and identity. 

Make sure that your profile picture and name are in sync and can express you as an artist. 

If your name and profile picture suggest that you are into soft and soothing music, but the music you upload is hard rock, your followers will have unrealistic expectations from you and will be dissatisfied.

2.  Interact with your audience

Interactions with the audience are essential to increase online presence on any platform. You can’t move forward unless you maximize your reach. It’s especially important in the beginning when you still haven’t made many connections, and people don’t know much about you. So, whenever someone comments something positive on your song, playlist, or podcast, make sure to reply and thank them. In addition to this, it’s even better if you keep the conversation going and they reply to your comments! Ask them questions, such as what do they expect from you next, if there are any special requests, etc.

3. Promote everywhere

Promotion only on Spotify won’t get you far. You need to utilize any other social platform you have access to, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or even forums.

Use all the available platforms for promotion.

On these platforms, you already have an audience and strong connections with some of the members. Use these social media networks to make announcements about your new music or podcast and ask them to listen and give you feedback. Of course, not every one of your family members and friends will be interested, but most of the younger generation who know how to use Spotify and have an account will support you, so it is a great place to start.

4. Support other artists

Interacting with your followers isn’t the only way to increase your online presence. You also need to communicate with other artists and connect with them. Check out some of your favorite genres and whenever you like a track or a playlist, leave a positive comment. Once you establish a strong relationship with these artists, you can ask them to listen to your music.

5. Set goals and stick to them

While it doesn’t sound like a tip that could boost your reach and increase the number of plays on your songs, it’s essential for your success. No one can tell you what your goal should depend on you, your personality, whether you dream big or not. But one thing is clear when you set the goals at the beginning of your career, you are more eager to achieve them. 

But if you can’t accomplish all of your goals on time, don’t give up. As already mentioned, competition on Spotify is surprisingly high. That’s the reason why some beginner artists on this platform buy Spotify podcast plays or followers. It’s an effective strategy to increase the exposure and increase the chances of more and more people following your account.

6. Stay consistent

Even if your tracks and playlists are on fire, you can’t grow your community unless you are consistent. Remember that your followers aren’t going to stay with you unless you give them a good reason that, in this case, is providing content frequently. You need the inspiration to come up with songs and music, and it doesn’t happen whenever you want it to happen. But making a Spotify schedule is still a good idea because then you always know the time limit you have.

So, stick to the schedule and keep creating the content for your audience!

Following these tips and tricks will make it possible for you to gain popularity on Spotify.