Eco-conscious living is gaining popularity all over the world. Whether it’s full self-sustaining living or just doing better with generating waste, the idea of being eco-friendly has sifted into the human consciousness over the last few decades. Lately with all the climate studies pointing the finger at us, millions of people want to do their part to change things.

What are the ways you can start reducing your personal carbon footprint? Do you have to start living in a tent and weaving your own clothes? Well, you can, but you should continue reading this article for some simpler ideas on how to start being more eco-conscious!

Shop at Thrift Shops and Second-Hand Stores

The lure of buying new and supporting local workers is strong. If we want to start reducing our footprint, we need to rethink some of that. Shopping at thrift shops and second-hand stores does not add as much to your carbon footprint, and you can score yourself some vintage clothing!

Reduce Paperwork

One of the saving graces of the rise of technology is the opportunity to heavily cut back on the amount of paper needed in our daily lives. Now, everyone has a smartphone or a tablet, you can start using that as your to-do lists, record keeping, and note-taking. This way, you’re using one device for extra functions.

It can be a great way to unclutter your life, in general, to start using smart devices to replace paper. Many banks and credit card companies now offer options to receive your bill in digital form rather than in the mail. Options like these go a long way to helping more people to learn how to be sustainable.

Conserve Water

In order to conserve water in your home, you need to start by unlearning bad habits. Learn to turn off faucets instead of letting them run while washing dishes or brushing your teeth. You’re wasting so much water that way.

Make sure to fix any leaks you have and use every drop of water that comes out of your faucets! Only buy high-efficiency appliances to save more water! You can always learn more about conserving water while saving money!

Sugar Scrub

If you use face scrubs, toothpaste, or shower gels, you’ve used something with microbeads. Microbeads are small pieces of plastic that enter the water cycle after getting washed down the drain. They are damaging to sea life and the environment, and are also illegal.

Sugar Scrub can be used in everything microbeads are, with the added incentive that it is biodegradable. Sections of the beauty industry are starting the process of using sugar scrub instead of microbeads in its products. So, when you buy, remember to check the ingredient list!

Green Up Urban Sprawl

This has the possibility to make the biggest difference in the long run. There have been many successful initiatives to add green spaces to urban development, and most cities would be open to doing more, but it takes a whole community to do it! Get with your neighbors and green up the place!

Live an Eco-Conscious Life

Living an eco-conscious life isn’t necessarily easy, but it can be rewarding if it fits your lifestyle. Start small by setting goals, and you can start with any of the ways described in this article. Everyone should get in touch with nature!

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