Winter is well and truly on its way, with evenings getting darker earlier and days becoming increasingly cold, now is the time to start preparing your home for the winter months. We’ve got some top tips from checking pipes to baking cooking, by following these tips you will have your home cosy and warm in no time.

Photo by Sam Beasley on Unsplash

Start Outside

Check that your roof is sufficiently insulated to keep the cold air out and the warm in. If it snows in your state invest in some snow guards for the roof, not only does this make your how use look picturesque but also safeguards pets and children from chunks of falling snow. Make sure you clean your gutters of leaves and debris to prevent blockages for when it rains or snows. You should also check that all your exterior lights are working, give them a good wipe over for maximum light in those dark winter months, if you have solar panel lights remember to clean them daily when it snows or they won’t be able to charge themselves!

Head Inside

Now your exterior is set and ready, time to focus on getting the inside ready. Coming home after a long day to a cold house is not what you want. So what better excuse than to upgrade your heating to smart technology, this way you can control your heating from your smart device and never have to come home to a cold house again. Check your plumbing and pipes are in good working order, Campbelltown Plumbers recommends upgrading your hot water system and checking your pipes for leaks and blockages. You don’t want to be caught off guard when your shower suddenly turns cold.

Spruce Up That Interior

Now all the structural and plumbing is taken care of, it’s time to make your house feel homely. Change up your interior by incorporating some fall colors to your living space. Colors such as deep reds, dark oranges or browns give your home a warm fall feel. You don’t have to start painting walls to achieve this, invest in some cushions and blankets to add a pop of color into your home. If your feeling super creative, head outside and collect some shrubbery to make your very own fall wreath to hang on the front door.

Make It Smell Like Winter

Finish off by making your home smell wintery and warm. Try adding some scented candles to each room, focus on scents like pine, pumpkin, ginger or cinnamon. For a more natural smell, try baking some cookies just before guests arrive, this will make you feel homely and maybe a little hungry too.

We hope we’ve helped you with some top tips to ensure your house is up to scratch and ready. Remember if you start now, then you can relax over the winter season in your warm cosy home.

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