We enjoy going hiking as a family, and have been checking out many of the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy Preserves in the Capital Region. I was excited to learn of their 20th preserve, a new preserve available in October 2020.

This 49-acre property was the original homestead of the Touhey family and is what remains of the more than 100-acre farm that stretched from Orchard Street to Delaware Avenue. Over the years, the Touhey family worked to ensure a healthy forest by hiring a certified forester to mark and take only certain trees from the forest.  To share their enjoyment of the natural world with all, the Touhey family worked with the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy to open the property to the public in October 2020.” [source]

This preserve is easy to find, at 911 Delaware Ave, Delmar, NY. We used Google Maps to get there. The entrance is a single-lane dirt road, and there are about three parking spots.

There is a trailhead right next to the parking lot.

The trail here is about 1 mile. There was a map posted at the kiosk and also available online (here).

The Touhey Family Preserve is mostly flat, and it was a quick, easy hike for our family.

The trails are well-marked and easy to follow.

There were lots of boardwalks along the way, and this new trail looked great.

There is a pond overlook at the end of the yellow trail.

There was not a lot to see as far as wildflowers, since it was late October, but we did see lots of lovely foliage, ferns, and more.

This preserve is right around the corner from the Phillipin Kill Preserve, and near several others, including the Swift Preserve. We did all three in an afternoon.

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