Dogs are incredibly sensitive to the environment around them. So, it makes sense that the happier and calmer your home environment is, the happier and calmer your dog will be. As dog owners, we must recognize potential factors that could be causing our dogs to feel uncomfortable, unhappy or even threatened. 

The last thing any dog owner or a visitor to your home wants is to find themselves on the receiving end of a dog bite or a dog attack – click the link to find a dog bite lawyer if you’ve been bitten by a dog. Creating an environment that is safe and positive can help build a sense of trust and loyalty between you and your dog, something which you’ll both benefit from.

So, read on to discover how to create a positive environment for your dog at home.

Have a strong routine in place

Dogs LOVE routine. It’s predictable, they know what’s going to happen and what to expect. It keeps their tails wagging and keeps them content. Much like children – except the tail wagging of course. Try to feed them at the same time every single day and keep walks at the same time too. If you also stick to your morning routine then your dog will be even happier. For example, you could fill their bowl and then have your morning shower. So, your dog knows when you’re in the shower, it’s time for them to eat. 

Be present

There are lots of distractions at home. From your kids to your partner, your work emails and your phone. But just like any other family member, it’s important that your dog has some 121 time with you several times a day and that you’re present! Sitting on your phone whilst they have their head on your lap isn’t enough. You need to engage with them and keep them stimulated. Whether that’s throwing a ball around the back yard or teaching them some tricks in the kitchen. Just have fun!

Rotate your dogs’ toys

Does your dog have lots of toys and chews? As much as they’re all great fun, it’s likely your dog will get bored of them after a while. So, to keep their home environment fun and happy, consider rotating their toys so they have “new” ones to play with every couple of weeks. They’ll love the variety, and those expensive unloved toys will finally get some playtime! 

Finally, make sure they have their own private space

Whether it’s in their comfy-cosy dog cage, or in their dog bed in the corner of the kitchen. Your dog must have somewhere they can go to when they want some quiet time. This is especially important if you have a busy home that’s buzzing with children and lots of noise and activity. 

Make sure everyone knows that this particular area is for your dog only, and when they’re in their private space they should be left alone. The happier and relaxed your dog is, the less likely they are to become stressed or agitated.