Did you know that the image of Santa flying in his sleigh comes from 1819 by Washington Irving? Washington Irving is also the creator of the Headless Horseman. 

Are you wanting to celebrate the holidays in style and are looking for holiday party decoration ideas? In this article, explore some decoration ideas to get into the holiday spirit. 

Not sure what to incorporate? Looking for something new for your holiday theme? Read on to explore all the top tips you won’t want to miss to make sure your holiday party is jolly and bright. 

Planning for a Party Holiday Style

Before you start decorating for a holiday party, it’s time to plan. Think of all of the people who will be having a holiday party as well as you. It’s a good idea to send out holiday party invites well in advance. 

You’re more likely to have guests come since they won’t have other plans. Once you have a good idea of how many people are coming, then you can start planning whether it’ll be a sit-down dinner or a big holiday party that has a wood cocktail table.

Fun Invites

Get your potential guests excited by having holiday-themed invites. You can shop online to save time and design your own holiday invites. 

Holiday Dinner

If you’re having a smaller get-together, it’s a good idea to make it a holiday dinner occasion. Either have a potluck where people bring dishes or plan out your menu and what you’ll be serving. 

Have finger foods for appetizers that people can chat and enjoy. Make sure there are enough chairs around for your guests. Place garbage cans around any buffets or food tables. 

Holiday Party Ideas

You don’t have to be stuck with yet another ugly Christmas sweater party. Instead, choose to go creative and have a wreath-making party. Have different supplies ready such as ornaments and accessories that can go on wreaths.  

Fondue Party

If you’re looking for something a bit more fancy but unique consider having a fondue party. You can have a cheese fondue with your meal and chocolate fondue for dessert. Choose from mini individual fondue pots or a large fondue pot

Talent Show

Do you have talented friends/family? Consider having a talent show that’s holiday-inspired. Whether they’re singing, dancing, or juggling, there’s fun for everyone with a talent show. Consider having prizes and voting for the winner. 

Cookie Exchange

To make a delicious holiday party, consider having a cookie exchange. Everyone who comes brings one type of cookie and then swaps them with others. And to make it more exciting, you could visit annclarkcookiecutters.com to see different designs for cookie cutters for your fun-filled holiday activity. You can even have prizes and mini trophies for the winners.

Kids’ Party

For a fun holiday children’s party, you can have your child and their friends/family help decorate cookies for Santa. Have different shapes for the holidays as well to incorporate cookie holiday shapes. Afterward, you can give the children gift bags. 

Party Decor Ideas

Once you have your guests and what you want to do figured out, you’ll want to come up with some holiday party decor ideas. If you’re not into traditional, you can incorporate different colors of decorative Christmas trees of pink, blue, and orange. 

  1. Peppermint Fun

Choose a red and white theme for your party if you’re going for a peppermint theme. You can even have desserts that incorporate the red and white theme by placing red boxes next to white cupcakes. 

  1. Royal Sophistication 

You can choose red and gold colors to make your party sophisticated. Have red flowers and fruit in your decor and centerpieces.

Your space will be enriched with seasonal floral arrangements like Poinsettias or Jingle Bells & Berries. Next-day or bi-weekly flower delivery service will cover your winter holidays.

Make a red punch for your guests to enjoy. Incorporate the red and gold throughout with red napkins and gold silverware. 

  1. Garlands Galore

Take a modern garland and place gold around it. To make a more romantic setting, you can add mistletoe to it. Add some flowers and centerpieces to your tables,

  1. White Roses

Choose a checkered tablecloth and pair it with white roses and other white elements. White napkins, white plates, and silverware. Dress up the table with a centerpiece of green leaves and white roses. Choose white candles to light during the meal. 

  1. Earthy Tones

If you’re not interested in bright or bold colors you can choose neutral and earthy tones for your centerpiece. Choose pastel pinks and greens for it. You can highlight the pinks and greens in your dinnerware as well. 

  1. Cabin Feels

For those looking for holiday party decor ideas that incorporate wood, you can add pine branch garlands. Complete the look with red roses in the garland. 

  1. On a Budget Designs

The holidays are a time where finances might be tight but you can still decorate for your holiday party. Buy some dollar-store plates and use a permanent marker or paint to decorate the plates. You can choose simple vine patterns for the design. 

  1. Cedar Designs

You can find votives and votive holders at the dollar store for another inexpensive decor design. Place a cedar garland on the table, and decorate it with gold or silver ornaments. 

  1. Mistletoe Decor

You can use green construction paper and 3 red balloons to make large mistletoe decor for your walls. You can tape the balloons to the paper, and then attach it to the wall with tape. You can incorporate them around the wall for an inexpensive yet fun decor holiday idea. 

Exploring Holiday Party Decoration Ideas

Now that you’ve explored different holiday party decoration ideas, you should have a better idea of how to incorporate fun and decoration into your next party. For more on life and family, check out our other articles today.