When someone talks about women and healthcare in the same conversation, it tends to gravitate around their healthcare needs, but not healthcare providers. Women play a crucial role in providing healthcare to individuals around the globe. They work as nurses, doctors, surgeons, or midwives to fulfill their community’s healthcare needs. Research studies found that around 85 percent of women in most countries work as nurses. Although women cannot expect to reach senior healthcare positions, women worldwide dominate men at medical schools.

Gone are the days when men considered women as only housewives as women worldwide are breaking the norm and making strides to become healthcare professionals of all kinds. If you are a woman who wants to pursue a career in healthcare, then you have come to the right place. Today, in this article, we will share the essential roles of females in healthcare. Some of these roles are listed as follows:


Midwives provide support to other females during their pregnancy, during labor, and after giving birth. A midwife can work at various professional institutions like hospitals, mothers’ homes, and maternity units. They can sometimes also have their private practice.

Typical duties of a midwife include monitoring and examining women during pregnancy, accessing their requirements, coming up with care plans, identifying risks during pregnancy, providing emotional support, and much more. The average salary of a midwife in a  professional setting is around 91,000 dollars per year.


Becoming a physical therapist is a good option for women looking to dive into the field of healthcare. Although a field dominated by men everywhere, women can also try their hand at it if they have the right education and temperament. It is amongst the highest paying job options in healthcare for women around the world. 

A physical therapist helps individuals who suffer from bodily movements due to injury or mental trauma.  They assist people of all ages and help those who have difficulty performing day to day tasks due to illness. They also instruct their patients on what exercises to perform to facilitate speedy healing. The average salary of a female physical therapist is around 90,000 dollars per year.


A nurse practitioner typically works under the supervision of a consultant or physician. A nurse practitioner also collaborates with the families of patients, other healthcare team members, and the administration staff to create, adjust, and implement treatment plans related to a patients’ medical needs. 

To become a nurse practitioner, one must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of nursing. After that, they have to obtain a license to practice as a nurse. Nurses typically work at hospitals, clinics, schools, and universities. The average pay of a nurse practitioner is around 152,000 dollars per year. 


A female psychologist helps patients to deal with mental conditions caused by trauma or illnesses. Female psychologists usually deal with females that suffer from mental issues caused by biological reproductive challenges, childhood abuse, or trauma. They assess the mental condition and provide them with services that include triage and advice to tackle a stressful life caused by daily problems. 

To become a psychologist, females must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in the field of psychology. A master’s degree will help out a lot to increase the chances of employment. After completing the necessary degree, individuals have to obtain a state license to practice as psychologists professionally. Psychologists typically work at hospitals, old homes, universities, and private clinics. The average salary of a female psychologist is around 77,000 dollars per year.


Individuals who require radiation therapy to treat different types of cancers rely on radiation therapists to provide them with such medical aid. A radiation therapist’s duties include operating and calibrating equipment used, educating patients on what they should expect when undergoing treatment for cancer, and ensuring patients do not feel any discomfort when undergoing radiation therapy. 

Females can apply for a job as a radiation therapist after obtaining a certificate in this field. However, some states require them to complete a bachelor’s degree in the field of radiation therapy. These females usually work at hospitals and clinics. The average salary of a female radiation therapist is around 91,000 dollars per year. 


A health services manager works in the field of healthcare administration. They oversee the day to day operations of a healthcare facility. They supervise the hospital budget, manage patient records, etc. Also, they have the task of recruiting new employees and providing training to existing ones. 

Females who want to become a health services manager need to complete a bachelor’s, then a master’s degree in the field of health administration. They also need to have a few years of experience in healthcare to apply for such a job. The average salary of a health services manager is around 100,000 dollars per year.  


Women worldwide continue to level the playing field by dominating certain professions in the field of healthcare. Other than healthcare, many other industries have given women a way to apply and work inside a safe environment. The gender gap continues to shrink as time passes by, and due to this, women can find jobs in men-dominated professions.