Who says camping is strictly a summer activity? Camping in early fall is a beautiful way to get you and the family closer to nature. For many, the fall is the ideal season to explore the great outdoors because it’s not too hot, the leaves are turning exquisite shades of gold and red, and there’s a refreshing, crisp autumn air to cool you down after a long hike or canoe ride.There are lots of sites which offer camping opportunities. Everest base camp trekking is an amazing adventure that will leave you feeling excited, exhilarated, and full of stories to tell for a lifetime.

The trick is to come prepared. You’ll need lightweight food, sturdy camping gear such as a three-season tent, and plenty of bug spray. If there’s one essential camping item you can’t forget, it’s clothing. Choosing the right clothing is crucial for a successful camping trip with the family — you must prepare for chilly nights and hot afternoons. 

Let’s look at some essential pieces of clothing you’ll want to add to your family’s camping checklist before heading out for the weekend.

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Rain Pants and a Rain Jacket

One thing that you can’t predict is how the weather will turn. When you’re in the middle of the woods and a hot, sunny day unexpectedly turns to a cold and wet one, you’re going to need to stay dry, warm, and comfortable. It’s not only annoying to be damp and cold outside, but it can also cause sickness and even hypothermia. A sturdy rain jacket and a pair of good rain pants can make a world of difference on your camping trip because they’ll keep you dry and warm no matter how wet it is. Invest in a set for each family member so the entire team can enjoy the trip without risking the flu or a wet, soggy camping trip.

A Wool Blanket (Or Two) 

Wool blankets are excellent for keeping you warm and dry in the fall, while also being lightweight and travel-friendly. Throw a blanket on top of your sleeping bag on chillier nights, or bundle up with it inside your sleeping bag for those extra cold fall evenings.

The best solution to finding the perfect wool blanket is to make one. Many blankets found in retail stores aren’t always made with high-quality materials, and often, it’s challenging to find a practical and aesthetically-pleasing blanket. Check out Yarnspirations — a company that offers the very best yarn and knitting solutions out there. You’ll find everything to make the coziest blanket for the family camping trips, including accessible patterns, top-quality yarn, and the necessary knitting tools.

A Variety of Layers

The fall season is different from summer or winter because it can sometimes be a little bit of both — you need to prepare to feel hot and cold. Take pieces that you can easily take off or put back on. Wear a thin cotton layer next to the skin, so it’s comfortable and breathable.

A family camping trip is a perfect way to say goodbye to summer and embrace the upcoming fall season. Just don’t get left out in the cold — pack warmly!