Cleaning is a necessary evil. In an ideal world, we would have AI house robots who took care of all the cleaning and other irritating tasks, but sadly, technology hasn’t quite reached that stage just yet. So, unless you can afford to pay a cleaner or you don’t mind living in squalor, it’s time to get stuck in. Luckily for you, we have some excellent hacks to save you time! If you find yourself falling behind in housework, reach out to a company like Shine Bright Martha’s Vineyard Cleaning Services. Busy parents often struggle to keep up with household duties, and a cleaning service can be invaluable.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning the house is made harder when you are not organized. It’s hard to be effective if you are flitting from one task to another, with no end goal in sight. You will end up wasting time and not achieving a whole lot in the process.

Make a list of tasks and split them into daily, twice-weekly, and weekly tasks. These are the jobs that need doing at least once a week. Less frequent jobs, such as cleaning windows and wiping down baseboards can have a list of their own. 

Use a whiteboard or create a schedule on a sheet of paper. Allocate tasks for each day of the week, starting with quick five or 10-minute chores you can complete while dinner is cooking, or the kids are eating breakfast. Examples of short chores include loading/unloading the dishwasher, sorting laundry, dusting the living room, etc. 

Try and do at least one 10-minute task each day, and then fit other chores in when you have some free time. Tick off jobs as you do them. This can be quite motivational!

Upstairs and Downstairs Vacuum Cleaners

Dragging one vacuum cleaner around the entire house is a pain because it necessitates unplugging the thing multiple times. One solution is to buy a bagless cleaner, but they are expensive, and they need emptying several times during one cleaning session, which is just as time-consuming.

It’s much easier and quicker to have a vacuum cleaner for the downstairs and another one for the upstairs. Buy an upright cleaner for downstairs because they are better in larger rooms, and a cylinder vacuum cleaner for the upstairs, preferably one with a long hose for the stairs. This page has a guide to the most effective best upright vacuum with attachments

Train the Kids

Kids are inclined to do nothing to help unless badgered. Some parents are happy to let their little angels laze around watching screens while they slave away, but if you want your offspring to mature into a well-adjusted, useful member of society, it’s a good idea to train them up in the art of cleaning and other household chores. 

Even little kids can handle simple chores like tidying their toys away and making their own beds. Once your child is enough to make a mess, he’s old enough to clear up after himself. 

Assign age-appropriate tasks to alleviate some of your burdens. For example, teens could be tasked with sorting the dishwasher out, doing their own laundry, and cleaning their own bathrooms. The more kids you have, the easier it is, as they can take on most of the cleaning if you train them from a young age!

Don’t worry, it is possible to have a spotless house, even when you have a family and work full-time!