If you are thinking of driving a taxi cab as a career, you should consider how the job fits your skills and knowledge. Also, you need to secure important documents and paperwork. 

In this article, we’ll offer you some useful tips you can use if you are a new or aspiring taxi driver. Let’s dive right it. 


Secure the Necessary Paperwork 

Securing necessary paperwork is important before you start your career as a taxi driver. You need to follow a specific procedure in most cities. 

Often, you start by submitting an application and documents that prove you have a clean driving record. Legal documents also include: 

  • A GB, NI, EU driving license you’ve held for at least 12 months. 
  • A criminal background check certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). 
  • Medical examination certificate. 
  • Proof of any English and maths qualifications (depending on local laws). 

Securing all of these before applying will allow you to get started much faster. 

Get Certifications 

It’s also wise to get certifications as early as possible. Make sure that you have the right certifications for the right driving license. Getting this out of the way will also help you start your taxi driving career right away. 

Protect Yourself 

Being a taxi driver means you’ll meet different people and situations that are not entirely safe. Thus, securing your safety is also a priority. Everyone in the passenger transportation industry needs to be registered, licensed, and insured, so you will need transportation company insurance. This is vital in order to protect both your own health as well as passengers. Beyond this, in a motor accident having this insurance will bolster your chances of successfully claiming money to cover the costs of repairs from your insurance provider. 

If, for instance, you’re driving for Uber, you need Uber insurance. Try https://www.quoteradar.co.uk/taxi-insurance/uber-insurance/ to get more information. 

On the practical side, you must also practice simple habits that help you feel safe: 

  • Install window and dashboard cameras
  • Keep your windows and doors locked between fares
  • In the case of robbers, remember the suspect’s appearance and keep calm
  • Inform the police immediately of any accidents or similar situation

Protect Your Passengers

The best way to protect yourself and your passengers is to drive safely. Know the highway code, the traffic rules, and everything in between to avoid accidents. 

Avoid driving at breakneck speeds. Make sure your cab isn’t messy or smelly. In other words, do everything to make your passengers safe and comfortable. 

Consider Varying Costs

Driving in big, posh cities will not be the same as driving in more rural areas. People in smaller cities will not be paying as much as those in the bigger cities. 

You may be allowed to set your rates and such, but you should consider the above factors before doing so. 

Meanwhile, other costs you should consider upon starting your driving career include: 

  • Cost of maintaining the vehicle 
  • Annual/monthly insurance payments
  • Getting the right type of license
  • Cost of petrol 

Work-Life Balance 

Last but certainly not least, you must consider your work-life balance. Being a taxi driver can be extremely stressful. Strive to make some personal time to avoid getting burned out. 

  • Expect to work long hours, but don’t overwork.
  • Set a weekly target and work those hours.
  • Do some exercise every day. 
  • Drink lots of water.
  • If you feel fatigued, go home and call it a day (or night). 

Overall, being a new and aspiring taxi driver is the best time to get ready for everything you’ll encounter in your career. Prepare, stay safe, and take care of yourself as you would take care of your taxi.