Red Yarn has produced lots of great folk music over the years, such as their last album, “Old Barn“.  They are back this summer with their six album this August with “Backyard Bop”.  All of the songs are original, with folk-rock tunes about the things in our backyard.

The perfect summer album, “Backyard Bop” has kids exploring the world around them and meeting new critters.

This CD comes in a great package, with lots of wonderful photos and artwork to enjoy.  Kids will enjoy the animals and characters, learning about their habits and habitats.  The music incorporates these puppets and neat sets where the music videos are created.

Red yarn

This album has an awesome folk rock feeling; something I could listen to for hours.  This music is so easygoing and enjoyable for all ages.

Check out this fun Backyard Bop video from the album:

This album has 12 great songs on it:

  1. Backyard Bop
  2. Jump for Joy
  3. Mama Bird
  4. Neighborhood Park
  5. Outside my Window
  6. Lazy Tonight
  7. Critters in My Garden
  8. Around this Town
  9. Cats & Dogs
  10. Town Hall Meeting
  11. My Own Backyard
  12. Someone to Love

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