Earning a graduate degree is a great way to give yourself more potential to bring in a higher salary. It’s best to choose a field that has a lot of growth possibilities and demand for talented workers. Today, there are hundreds of programs that allow people who work full time to earn graduate degrees online. Some of the most in-demand workers are in the science, technology, engineering, health care, and math fields, and here are a few advanced degree programs from those sectors that could help you go further in a satisfying career.

Public Health

An advanced degree in public health is a great way to give yourself much more earning power. Degree holders in this field often go on to leadership positions in health departments or work with communities to control disease outbreaks. A public health career provides the option to work in hospital settings or other private health organizations. There are more online degree options for people interested in this field.

Library and Information Science

Information is another hot field that companies are recruiting for. Degrees in library and information science can be applied to other sectors outside of the traditional library or school setting. Many companies need assistance with conducting different types of research and people with this advanced degree are the ones they turn to. This is a different kind of online degree designed to help students discover their potential in this changing industry.

Data Science

Another hot field that many companies are recruiting for is data science. Data science professionals use metrics to find out information about a company’s customers or the way they access service. Advanced degrees in data science explore big data, data mining, and artificial intelligence. People in this field work in roles that use elements of math, internet technology, marketing, and business principles.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is another field that may require an advanced degree. In this industry, professionals work with clients to help them become more independent in their daily routine. This field often works with seniors and some people who are disabled. Occupational therapists may assist clients with tasks such as getting dressed, moving around through their home, and other routine things. A degree program in occupational therapy focuses on studying science, engineering, physiology, and interpersonal relationships.

Biomedical Science

A final career option for those looking to get into a higher-paying field with a graduate degree is biomedical science. The health care field is a growing industry, especially considering the number of aging baby boomers. Technology is working to keep up with the demand for new treatments that combine medical science with bioengineering. A biomedical science advanced degree program prepares someone to work in dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacology, genetics, and other specialties in medicine and health.

It’s time to look beyond your current career options and check out advanced degree programs that can help you expand your skills, knowledge, and hiring potential. Many careers today require graduate degrees, so choose the program that best matches your interests and talents so you can get a better future. Choose these tech and health care based job fields and degrees for an even brighter outlook.