Wondering how you can tame a large yard and turn it into the focal point of your entire property? Look at your yard as a blessing and as a blank slate to express your creativity. Here are three tips for dealing with the landscaping of a large yard.

1. Install a Water Feature

If you have a large yard and don’t know how to best use the space, consider creating a shallow pond or a lake. This can take many forms depending upon the size and grade of your yard. After you’ve dug and filled the space, it’s time to encourage plant growth. Since you’ll need to keep the water clean and healthy for all the plants and animals who call your water feature home, install a complete lake aeration system. The aeration system can be as simple as a small fountain, which will also serve to enliven the area with the sights and sounds of moving water.

2. Plant Living Borders

A great way to dress up your property edges and frame your yard with texture and color is to create floral borders. Start at the corners. You can create unique, well-defined areas that have specific identities. In these areas, install features like a charming birdbath or maybe even a small bench to relax and take in the beauty of nature. Along your property lines, plant a combination of low-growing annuals and leafy green shrubbery to add mass and density to your borders, allowing them to separate the space.

3. Try Specimen Planting

You can define focal points in our yard with a specimen planting. These specimen plantings typically take the form of unique and interesting trees, and using them effectively can lend a very sophisticated touch to any landscape design. Plant a distinctive tree in a strategic place in your landscaping, maybe a level area of your yard that doesn’t have any plantings or hardscape. Surround your specimen planting with a low hedge – boxwood hedges work best, and they can be easily trimmed and maintained. Planting in this way allows you to create interesting focal points in your yard with a very low number of plants, reducing the amount of time you need to maintain these areas.

You don’t have to be a landscaping master or a design genius to elevate the style of your yard. By following these tips and being strategic with your landscape techniques, you’ll create a beautiful scene that your neighbors will envy.