In every industry, marketing takes precedence. It’s important to help potential clients recognize you and your services. However, developing a strategy that reaches your target market and converts leads takes a lot of creativity.

Here are three unique marketing methods you can try in your next campaign.  Remember that in addition to marketing strategies, you need to consistently work on your website’s SEO.  If you need some help, reach out to a company that can help you, like Best SEO Services in Los Angeles.

1. Send Postcards

Do you want to target your potential clients directly? Send a postcard to their home. Not only is this a cheap way to do mail marketing, but postcards can be extremely effective. Real estate prospecting postcards have been working for years. They catch the attention of readers and often result in conversion or increased trust in the company that sent them.

2. Social Media Giveaways

Everyone uses social media, and you should be keeping on top of social media marketing. When carefully planned, you can get other people to advertise your business for free on their accounts or stories. You can do this by promoting a giveaway. Offer exciting prizes and require followers to share the post or tag friends, which gives more people the opportunity to share your post with others. This improves both engagement and brand awareness.

3. Make a Video

People are more likely to watch a video than read a post. If you are looking for a way to make a first impression with new customers or leads, make a video that blows them away. There are many ways you can create a video. Here are a few of the ways you could use this method of storytelling to portray a message:

  • Talk about the origins of your company
  • Explain your brand values
  • Teach how to use a product
  • Explain the motives behind creating a product
  • Demonstrate the benefits of using your services

There are many ways you can reach potential clients. Whether you send them mail, give them opportunities to win cool prizes or engage them through unique media, you can make an impact on them. Marketing can be exciting and fun, so continue finding innovative ways to reach your customers.