Even though private jets are not at disposal to everyone due to its price, most of us dreamed of being in one at least once in our lifetime. They give us a glimpse of the life rich and VIP people lead because they can easily afford it.

There are numerous benefits when it comes to renting a private jet. If you’re interested in learning more about some advantages this type of travel brings, then scroll down to our list of reasons below:

It’s All About The Quality

Let’s be real and honest here. Anyone who has ever used commercial flights and experienced both business class and the economy will tell you that you can definitely feel the difference. The first option is much better, even though the second one is good too if you don’t have enough money.

Well, the same goes for the private plane. You can be satisfied with traditional flights but it is obvious that they would lose in a battle against private flights. What makes them so appealing? Truthfully, you get a feeling like you’re the most important person in the world. You are being treated like royalty. Everybody knows your name, you can do whatever you want, no one would know because you’re the only one or with someone, you’re comfortable with.

Faster Travel Time

Renting a private plane means that you don’t have to go through immigration queues, as well as customs. The process here is much quicker. As soon as the plane arrives, you just climb into your ride. Another positive thing about them, is that they have access to smaller airports, which is not always the case with traditional flights. They are also not tied to any specific schedule, which is one of the reasons these air corporations are fast.


We all occasionally need it, especially if we are doing some serious business work. Our job tends to be very stressful and a plane full of people would definitely make things worse. All that noise in that overcrowded space can make you lose your mind.

Well, with private planes you don’t have to go through this. They allow you to enjoy your privacy outside of the public eye and do things in peace. You can simply turn on some music, relax and enjoy your time alone. In this way, you get to have a peaceful travel experience without the fear of someone invading your privacy.


Our furry friends are often our travel companions and we cannot imagine going anywhere without them. Unfortunately, not all airlines agree with this statement, hence, some of them either do not allow them or are charging additional fees for them.

Sadly, sometimes the conditions tend to be awful, such as poor ventilation, tiny places, etc. Luckily, that’s not the case with private jets. The experienced professionals behind Jettly.com recognized this problem and decided to include this into their offering, hence they became pet-friendly. Now, our pets will be able to sit alongside us in the plain and be free to do whatever they want to with as much comfort as they need.

Visual Aesthetics

No one denies that business and economy classes are great. Each of them has its perks, of course, still, there is something special about renting a private jet. Only a few reasons were listed in this article. If you get a chance to embark on this special journey, make sure to think of more reasons.

It’s not just about its extravagance and luxury. It’s about the treatment and feeling you get when you’re in it. Once in a lifetime experience!