Having a child is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do and, if you have one, you know that.

However, you also know how exhausting those first few years are. Suddenly, your complete attention has to turn to this little human you’ve brought into the world, and doing it all by yourself or with your partner just seems impossible.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Keep reading and learn about six nanny interview questions for finding the helping hand you need!

  1. “How Long Have You Been Taking Care of Children?”

Learning about the nanny’s previous experience and how they started their career will help you understand if they’re reading to take on this opportunity.

Remember that you can always ask for references to verify their answer.

The perfect answer: “I am certified by [high-quality school] and I’ve been a nanny for X years. During my career, I’ve had the chance to [list of experiences and skills acquired].”

  1. “What Do You Think Makes a Good Nanny?”

By comparing the potential nanny’s answer to your own, you can understand if you two are on the same page about the skills and characteristics one should have in order to succeed as a nanny. 

The perfect answer: Well… whatever matches your opinion as a parent.

  1. “What Does Your Typical Day as a Nanny Look Like?”

Remember that a good nanny will be open to changing their typical day in order to meet your requirements as the parent, so don’t dismiss a candidate solely based on this answer. If you do end up hiring them, you can always install nanny cams to make sure they follow your requests.

The perfect answer: A day focused on your child, including physical and intellectual activities, school time, and consistent meal times.

  1. “How Do You Deal With a Crying Child?”

Every single child has tantrums and, as a nanny, your candidate needs to be able to handle them properly.

This question will help you understand how the potential candidate disciplines children and if their method matches yours.

The perfect answer: It will depend on what made the child cry, of course. However, you always want to hire someone who can keep calm and let the child know when they’re right or wrong.

  1. “What Type of Food Do You Prepare for Children?”

Kids need to have a balanced diet and you don’t want your nanny to order takeout every time they take care of your child. While you’re talking about food, remember to mention any allergies your kid has and ask if the nanny can deal with that.

The perfect answer: “I cook balanced foods, making sure the kids always eat their vegetables and fruits. Some of the dishes I usually cook are [dishes].”

  1. “Do You Have a First Aid Training?”

Finally, it’s crucial that whoever is taking care of your kid can handle emergencies.

Our tip is that you require first aid certification and always check if it has been renewed as necessary.

The perfect answer: “Yes!”

Using These Nanny Interview Questions to Find Someone You Can Trust

Trusting someone to take care of your child when you’re not around can be «a nerve-wracking process, which is why these six nanny interview questions are so crucial.

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